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  • elleninDC elleninDC Oct 18, 2000 12:33 PM Flag

    Newbie on the board but

    a very long-term owner of BBT and a great admirer
    of Allison. I can even remember the old SNB symbol.
    The earnings numbers look remarkable now that the
    money center banks have stumbled. My only question is
    when will the rest of the world notice this bank's
    efficient operation, high asset quality and growth

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    • Most of my stock certificates have SNB on them
      because I first got into this stock through Union Trust
      Company, Independance National, Southern National and now
      BB&T. That will date me to those of you that have been
      around that long.

      John Allison, the one and only
      time I met him, greatly impressed me. I have had no
      reason to change my mine about him and his operation of
      BB&T. Like Stock, I would like to see stockholders
      getting a little better deal. However, I am going to put
      my trust in Allison and his team to bring me great
      rewards somewhere down the line.

      ! !


      • 2 Replies to rwmgn
      • I suppose none of us remember the bank as a rural
        association when it began in 1872. But, RW, your cost basis
        must be miniscule. Stock bought as late as 1990 would
        have had a cost basis (adjusted for one 2 for 1 split)
        of $2.00. I don't have your bragging rights, but I
        sure can't complain about my stock bought in 1993.
        And, I agree, as long as this well-run machine has as
        much on the ball as it does, who cares about the stock
        price. I won't sell it anyway.

      • I too have some of those SNB certificates from
        the stock split. Even though I'm in the east, I
        thought Clyde Stutts, Tete Pearson et al did a good job
        with their banks and their s/h have done well by the
        mergers. Good Luck.


    • You're preachin' to the choir, ellen...[all of us but Stock, that is]...this stock gets painted with the broad brush every time any other bank sneezes. I agree it deserves better.

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