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  • felco2 felco2 Dec 28, 2004 11:00 AM Flag

    Ya'll stay tuned now,

    2005 could be a breadout year for Irvine Sensors. Things are comming together nicely.

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    • "My MBA is from one of the most prestigious universities in the US and your guess is incorrect. I did not get "took". You could argue that I was "taken", but I most certainly did not get "took"."


      Goldang you showed him Brother Yappy!! I knowed you didn get "took" all along cause he dont know nuthun bout "nubers" an stuff like that anyhow. I got me one of them MBA rascals but I cant get no milage out of it cause these backard folks round here keep sayin it stands for "Master Bullshit Artist" (in my case) Lordy ifin they only knowed how hard I worked an suffered an done without to get that MBA. Soooo Whut ifin I got it from one them Mail order places? Shucks It twernt ease to cyper all them numbers an all.

      PS--Us MBAs got to stick togather Brother Yappy!!!!!!!!!!

      I had a vison a while ago an I seen Miss IRSN at 1200 dollers per share!!! I dunno for sure.

    • typographical errors aside I would think that if you are an investor you would be concerned with the continual dilution.

      A market value of 100 million dollars with an outstanding share count of 30million would still only yield a price per share of 3.30.

      I am long IRSN since 2000 and have seen it rise only to see it fall as the Carsons dump shares on the market.

      So without overly indulging in rhetoric what future is there for investor success with the share size continually increasing.

    • brocha,

      I had to dig out some old college text in an effort to decipher your message. You are correct, apparently, in that stock valuation is a function of future earnings. I still can't figure out how to divide by the "nuber of shares". My finance books don't mention "nuber" anywhere.

      My MBA is from one of the most prestigious universities in the US and your guess is incorrect. I did not get "took". You could argue that I was "taken", but I most certainly did not get "took".

      IRSN rocks!


    • The more stock that gets dumped on the market at below market prices is good for long term investors. I guess this allows us to increase our long term capital losses as a write-off against gains in other stocks.

      Finance 101 generally discusses valuation as a function of future earnings. divided by nuber of shares gives you a value per share which in turn allows us to discover whether the market price is rich or cheap relative to value.

      I'm not sure which MBA program you attended yappy; but my guess is you got took.

      As for the retard comment.. that's really imature people with handicaps need your support. Be thankful that your IQ of 82 causes you not be labled and don't make fun of thise less fortunate.

    • "Shares Outstanding"

      Lord have mercy is that all ya got? That stuff is sooooooo dang old it makes me feel like a youngun!!!!!

      PS--You just skeedaddle on back to basher school an get to studyin hard!!

      Hope that heps

    • Scary how some investors think. Always caught up in the minutiae of things that have no bearing on anything. It's the Big Picture you need to keep your eyes on.

    • "By next year there can be over 30million shares."

      Dilution is a good thing. It provides a buffer from daytrading roller coaster rides. Today is a perfect example of slow, steady continuous value growth.

      Finance 101, retard.


    • Shares Outstanding
      2,549,500 12/31/01
      5,694,800 12/31/02
      8,958,200 12/31/03
      15,799,200 12/10/04
      17.78M Yahoo key statistics

      I realize some new shares needed to be issued but as of now there are 8 times the number of shares that existed post the split date!!!!

      By next year there can be over 30million shares.

    • LMAO. I just had this vision of Knobby's little knees knocking together like a pair of cymbals. You know, like a pair of turkey legs in the meat counter, all pimply and white. Must be awful. He sees what's comming and can't do a thing about it. I couldn't live thatta way. LOL.

    • Robert G. Richards, CEO, said, "This shipment fulfills the first PMTV production order that we discussed in our web cast two weeks ago. As we indicated at that time, the significance of the order is not its size, which is small,

      Significance is not its thing you know he'll be saying the absence of profits is not what is significant, it is our highly paid corporate officers that makes us significant! What a crock! Load up suckers!

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