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  • yappy_dog yappy_dog Feb 16, 2006 8:54 PM Flag



    Honest to God, I think you are a sweet man. I don't think you mean anyone in this world, any harm. I believe if I met you in person, I would like you. You were raised and educated in the school of hard knocks. You picked cotton, slaughtered hogs, worked your butt off. I have no reason to not believe that and I believe you mean well.

    I wasn't raised in the school of hard knocks. I had it easy, as a child. I had great parents and they gave me all the leash I wanted. Somehow, I wound up with a sense of work ethic and real morals. Not just Sunday morals. Real morals. I knew then and still know how to do the right thing. I care about other people, my fellow man, so to speak (and my fellow woman, when she will let me).

    My father didn't know the value of a dollar. He hired people because he cared about them. He made payroll and looked at a bank account that was empty. He busted his ass and paid taxes and paid for health insurance for people that should have been canned, because he truly cared about them. He had morals.

    It's time for you to stop with the "great success at IRSN" stuff. It really is. As much as I ripped on knobby and treelady and jimmac in the past for investing a boatload in IRSN. It is time to state the truth; This is a crap-shoot. You are gambling with your money. This is penny-stock-buy-it-for-nothing-HOPE-to-make-a-million stuff.

    I've been here forever and I speak the truth. This is not the place for people to invest money that they can not afford to lose. By that I mean, if this were a slot machine . . .

    Anyway, I do know how to do the right thing.