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  • nautibm nautibm May 2, 2007 1:48 PM Flag

    Blasts that don't last

    The resident pumpsters thought they had at long last achieved a genuine lift off. But alas, like all before it, this one was no different. Some news, a spike, newswires report the "unusual surge", wannabees rush in determined not to this get rich quick opportunity, they buy at $1.60, $1.70, $1.80, $1.84, and then as predictable as the interest rates on Giddy's bonds, the spike deflates, and a whole new crop of newbies are looking at a 10% to 15% loss and scratching their heads. They were certain this was easy money to be made! The old dogs loaded up at $1.30 a few days earlier, dumped at $1.80, and sit and wait for it to go lower again. Giddy meanwhile watches his net worth rise to big six figures, then drop to three figures, then buys more! Go figure?

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    • Sell half on the spike, keep some to hedge yourself if it blasts off. Now your our both happy :)

      Optex has changed things for this company, you will see.

    • Nautibm...I use to be a trader of stocks just like I use to play online poker.Ya I won a couple of hands and bought a couple of stocks at a buck thirty and sold them at $1.80.But then my luck ran out and I went "all in" at the wrong time and more important I got caught sitting on the sidelines on a couple of stocks as they blasted off with no way of getting on board!That's when I became an investor and not a trader.The difference is I have just as many shares now as I did when the stock was at $1.30.You on the other hand have zero. True you have a .50/share profit but now you have to look for another entry point.What happens when these PR's become revenue PR's and not backlog PR's?Those spikes that you sold on will then become your entry point and you'll find yourself sitting on the sidelines with zero shares and that blasts do last and sometimes even reach outer space.Good Luck Getting on Board !!!!