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  • hugoniot_us hugoniot_us Oct 5, 2000 12:27 PM Flag

    Politics and Economics

    Actually, this discussion though seemingly
    off-topic does carry some relevance to the market in
    general. First let me say I do not believe for one instant
    that either the President or Congress can draft a good
    economy for the nation. Proof of that theory is that we
    sometimes have a bad economy. Clearly, a good economy is in
    any politician's own best interest for re-election.
    Therefore if they could materially effect the economy it
    would always be for the better for their own

    However, I heard an interesting piece on National Public
    Radio where tax policy might have a material effect on
    the stock market. Put simply the premise was that
    higher taxes leave less money available for investing.
    Thus by decreasing the money supply available to the
    individual through higher taxes, the demand for stocks and
    other investment vehicles is correspondingly lower.
    That makes a fair amount of sense to me.

    Some Thoughts
    Best Regards

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    • Hey just think if nobody had to pay taxes last
      April, they wouldn't have head to sell their stock and
      the market wouldn't have gone down so fast like a 25
      cent cigar! Why this Irvine stock might even pointing
      north! Boy I think you hit the old nail on the head. Why
      does this country tax capital gains when many others
      don't? I wonder when they are going to come out with the
      love tax and who is going to keep score?
      ta ta


    • The political issues that face this country, and
      the world for that matter, are much larger than the
      agenda the republicrats are willing to talk about in our
      corporate political paradigm. To see those of you that
      consider yourselves democrats and republicans rail at one
      another over issues that are largely irrelevant to the
      forces actually at work in determining the world
      structure we live in reminds me of the tactics I use with
      my children when it is time to distract them form
      issues that are too sensitive or troublesome to deal

      You want to talk about welfare? How about the R&D
      welfare DARPA hands out to ISC and others. Research paid
      for by the taxpayer and used by private corporations
      to further their bottom line with NO ROYALTIES paid
      to the treasury. Why should the taxpayer support the
      private profit motives of corporations with R&D funding
      with only a small potential for indirect economic
      benefits in return. Why can't the taxpayer expect the same
      Angel investment clout private investors

      Wake up and smell the coffee, corporations rule the
      world. We live in a democracy only insofar as we are
      willing to buy the PAP dished out in the mass media and
      repeated by those with no vision of their own. Since there
      is a business section in every news paper in the
      country have you ever wondered why there is no labor
      section? Does anyone remember why we have a 8 hour
      workday, a 40 hour workweek, etc..?

      The system that
      is currently in place was built largely within the
      context of the cold war. With the end of the cold war
      things are changing everywhere. This is one invester who
      remembers his Machiavelli, one investor who will benefit
      from the free R&D and who will use the proceeds to
      facilitate change form the inside out. Expand your horizons
      and broaden your thought beyond W. Shrub and AL Bore
      or you will miss the boat in teh long run. In all
      reality in makes little or no difference which one gets
      in, they both work for the same taskmasters. Ralph
      Nader represents a larger undercurrent than most
      realize. A good investor does not let media conditioning
      fog his/her perceptions of what is real and what is

    • Just a thought. Gasoline combustion engines and
      cigars. Anyone know what they have in common? Both are
      bad for your health. Only of course, if you "inhale"
      their fumes. Clinton smoking, Gore choking. The
      Nocturnal One.

    • me likes freebies. who should i vote for.