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  • lenilenape1 lenilenape1 May 20, 2000 2:53 PM Flag

    Some words on Arraycom & Their Antennas

    Array of Hope How One Little Company Throws Into
    Doubt Some of the Third-Generation Cellular

    "Behind door number one we find Arraycomm, a Silicon
    Valley company determined to
    change the world
    through the deployment of smart antennas. A smart antenna
    in this
    case is actually an array of antennas
    (hence Arraycomm, get it?) managed by a very
    computer. By processing received signals from, say, a
    portable cellphone, the
    smart antenna can literally
    shape its own transmission and reception patterns
    increase both range and the ability to
    discriminate between different phone operating
    on the same
    frequency. Arraycomm's antennas are VERY smart. Five years
    ago, I saw
    a company demonstration in which two
    cellphones could operate on the same
    frequency in the
    same room and still not interfere, even as the
    cellphone users walked
    around the room and passed in
    front of each other. The signal lock was never lost.

    What this means, or more properly what it could
    have meant, was that three to four
    times as many
    users could have been crammed onto a cell system that
    actually had
    fewer cell sites. Performance would have
    been better, interference less, and range

    increased, perhaps at a reduction in system price. Only it
    pretty much didn't happen that
    way, which suggests
    that the price model wasn't that favorable. And it
    really shouldn't be
    surprising, given that the kind
    of signal processing taking place in an
    antenna is analogous to what happens in an MRI
    machine down at the hospital."

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    • That was a real good link. I went back and read a
      bunch of his articles and that guy is smart and well
      informed. He filled in some gaps in my knowledge on SONET.
      By the way if you read the article completly it says
      Arraycom is now quietly being funded by Sony . That must
      be the reason this stock took off since their
      technology can do similar functions. MTWV might beome a
      must-be-acquired-at-all-costs type company since its technology could be
      altered to deliver high speed wireless connections. Think
      ARPT, different technology area but similar reasons,
      CSCO had to have it since they could sell ARPT
      products along with their routers.

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      • issues like these :
        "Cell phone tower near
        trail opposed

        Charleston Gazette

        HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A proposal to put a 190-foot
        telecommunications tower within a mile of the Appalachian Trail is
        encountering regional resistance. The Harpers Ferry
        Conservancy, a conservation group in West Virginia, considers
        the American Tower Corp. plan a "full frontal
        assault" on the landscape, Executive Director Paul Rosa

        The Appalachian Trail Conference has
        not taken a position but it is studying the issue,
        said David Reus, conference telecommunications

        The Washington County Board of Zoning
        Appeals will discuss the issue June 7, when it considers
        landowner Michelle Reilly's request for an exception that
        would allow the company to put the tower on her

        American Tower attorney Patrick Welsh
        said the tower... "

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