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  • silverold silverold Aug 20, 2002 12:44 AM Flag

    U Longs Still Happy??

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as play money in the market. Only real money, and I hope we make some real money in the stock. I agree with you, in the fact it's a good speculation at these prices.

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    • okay, so one respondent is satisfied und da other feels some justifiable anxiety. Da mkt activity do seem 2 reflect dat split und in absence of good nwz, da naysayers generally win in dis here kinda mkt.

      Doggy sure u axed yerself, "Why do GENE stagnate wen other stanky fishies-DYN/WMB/Q come 2 mind-git folks xcited??

      One speculation similar 2 GENE wat Doggy picked up ystrdy wz NETE--at price less dan cash plus anutter's Q loss! It still goin nowhere. Kinda like lower tier chippers--VTSS notably.

      Den u gots puffed up outfits like EBAY/EXPE wat sell at multiples to sales und EVERONE GOTS TO OWN DEM! Go Figure!


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      • Doggie: Good post. IMO, u are still the only "legitimate" shorter (though i think u said before u already closed your short position) on this board. I think you're probably right that market is viewing GENE news in a mixed way.

        And Gene has definitely lost credibility with lots of folks. My biggest gripe continues to be: WHY AREN'T THE INSIDERS LOADING UP AT THESE PRICES??? That's one reason that SkiLune is a cautious long on Gene and uses play money (whoops, lets call it Risk Capital) to speculate in GENE.

        Will check out NETE (sounds like something from an old Monty Python movie (Search for the Holy Grail): "The Knights who say NEET.")

      • I saw where your EVLV is up to $.21 today, it's a shame you did not hold on, I think you said you were long at $.15? bummer- you were right. Are you thinking of possibly getting in again?