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  • neto_insider neto_insider Feb 17, 2000 9:28 PM Flag

    Liquidated my holdings

    Had a feeling that Greenspan would suggest
    raising the rate again. Gene was a nice ride. I look
    forward to getting back in on a big dip to 25 or so. May
    not exactly reach 25 but I do think that 30 will be
    compromised for a very very short period of

    Sorry guys had to sell because the NASDAQ has been
    running wild these past few days and furthermore GENE has
    been running on the Biotech hype as well. Just like
    last year, the hype gets killed the quickest.
    Greenspan killed my AOL at 175, and there is no way in heck
    I am going to let him kill my GENE and cut my
    profits in half. When the market goes, there is nothing
    you can do to stop it. I just don't think it can last

    Either way, I am happy with my profit, and if it
    continues to go up, I will be happy for all of you as well.

    Good luck,


    Nothing personal to any
    other Gene investors. I am happy with my gains, I hope
    that you all are as well. I don't do paper profits, so
    I am out.

    Those were my reasons for cashing
    out PeterLynch. Hope they are of some use to you.

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    • Everyone already knew Greenspan would probably
      raise rates again. I think it's already factored in.
      There might be a small dip tomorrow, but when the dips
      happen, Gene keeps bouncing back to new highs. I doubt
      you will see a big dip in Gene anytime soon.

    • after all trader get rich pigs get slaughtered. I
      more than doubled my money and am quite happy will buy
      in if Gene dips enough. Always sell when a stock
      becomes just too rich. protect your self and profits have
      some $ on the sideline for the dips.

    • NASDAQ has been going nuts since the end of 98.
      Even Greenspan cannt kill this. AOL killed itself with
      the Time Warner deal. See you at 130 not 30. Board
      meeting comming on the 28th. Anyway NEO BYE BYE. Even
      when the market takes a hit stock goes up. It seem
      like everyone is still looking for that big score. The
      way I see it GOOD BIO-TECHS are here to stay. There
      is a lot of companies out there getting pumped by
      this trend but I think GENE will be one of the

      • 2 Replies to rhyhorns
      • <<AOL killed itself with the
        Warner deal. rhyhorns>>

        I was not referring
        to the Time Warner deal this year. I was referring
        to the time last year, last spring, when Greenspan
        came out and killed all of the Internet stocks which
        were "hyped", not just AOL, but AMZN, YHOO, EBAY,
        IVIL, PCLN and everything else. They were all cut in
        more than half, and many of them have never recovered.
        In my humble opinion, unwarranted hype gets killed
        the quickest. Guess what has been the hype of 2000?

        And back to the recent AOL/TIME Warner deal...AOL
        wasn't killed by the deal, but rather it was killed by
        the brokerage houses that used the opportunity and
        shorted the heck out of it when 150 million shares were
        bought in two days, by "enthused investors" (average joe
        blow). Guess what? Those "enthused investors" can push a
        stock down very quickly and very far when the brokerage
        houses decide to not let it go up any more (when they
        short everything). Wake up pal, because when the
        biotechs start to drop, you are going to be in denial with
        your hyped $130 illusions, and ignore all of the
        signals and watch your investment turn to a loss. Don't
        let it happen. Gene has been great, but right now the
        risk of going long in the recent price range is is not
        worth the potential reward. You need buyers to move a
        stock and with no buyers, you can not go up. That is
        where Greenspan comes in. He scares away buyers,
        especially on stocks that are up 1000% in two months. I am
        happy with that gain. How much more can it go up as
        opposed to going down? In my evaluation, there is not
        much room for any more large outbreaks. In other words
        the upward momentum has peak and the downward
        momentum has already started. Today's charts and volume
        indicate that point clearly. I am content with my profit
        and will be content buying on the bottom as when it
        comes again. $16 was the bottom a few days ago, so
        considering that, $25 is quite generous and I would not be
        suprised to see it, atleast below $30 for a short time.
        That is just my honest opinion and its not a pleaseure
        for me to see others that I have traded with miss out
        on maximizing their profits. I seriously hope that
        as Gene continues its decline, you take take your
        profit before it turns to a loss. That's all. But if
        $130 is a reality for you, so be it.



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