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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Oct 18, 2006 8:22 PM Flag

    At first glance ...

    I think you have done about as well as any poster i have observed........bamm has been awesome............long vs traders including you...........i just wish rodger was still around...he was what got me into mb's big time and he was you know where he might be?????? and you are doing great and good for you................

    • I hope you have gotten your period key unstuck by now! :)

      I have no idea about RR. His analysis was dead on regarding housing and the pending bubble. Unfortunately he was a couple of years early and that probably cost him a bundle. The retail meltdown he predicted never occurred - it was more of a soft landing than a hard recession. (I guess we can thank the Republicans or the Fed for that one.) The problem with shorting stocks (back to RR on housing) is that you have to continue adding $$ all the way up since you are on margin. Not to mention you are paying the margin rate the entire time. It is not a pretty thing when you have to continue doing that for a couple of years - takes a lot of nerve and money.

      Still just holding my core BAMM holdings and will probably place them into a charitable trust near the end of the year for a healthy tax write-off. I was hoping for a good entry point to get some trading shares but it never presented itself. BAMM is a beautiful turnaround story and it has been very kind to my portfolio.

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