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  • I_believe_facts I_believe_facts Jul 4, 1999 8:14 PM Flag

    CKE's Wal-Mart deal


    March, 1997

    Carmike Cinemas, Inc. and Wal-Mart
    Stores, Inc. Sign Joint Venture Agreement

    John O.
    Vice President/Finance
    (706) 576-3400 Dale
    Director/Public Relations
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
    273-4314 Janice J. Kuntz
    (404) 681-3808

    COLUMBUS, Georgia -- Carmike
    Cinemas, Inc. (NYSE: CKE) and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:
    WMT) today announced the have formed a joint venture
    partnership to develop and operate family entertainment
    centers. The first center will open in Goshen, Indiana
    late this summer to be followed by a fall 1997 opening
    in Valapraiso, Indiana, and a spring 1998 opening in
    Dekalb, Illinois.

    Commenting on the joint venture,
    Michael W. Patrick, president and chief executive officer
    of Carmike Cinemas, said, "Our partnership with
    Wal-Mart is a 'win win' alliance which brings together the
    two leading companies in their respective fields.
    Wal-Mart will supply the joint venture with prime
    locations for state-of-the-art family entertainment
    centers. Because the sites already exist, the development
    process should be shorted to approximately five

    The entertainment centers will feature movie
    theaters, skating rinks, arcades, a sit down restaurant,
    and a variety of other attractions for the

    Carmike Cinemas owns 50 percent of the joint venture and
    will manage the entertainment centers. Wal-Mart will
    retain the remaining 50 percent and oversee the real
    estate and development aspects of the joint

    John Menzer, executive vice president and chief
    financial officer of Wal-Mart, said, "The company is
    pleased to combine Wal-Mart's expertise in real estate
    development with Carmike's outstanding record."

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    • , you can't lose 60 million every quarter.

    • , you can't lose 60 million every quarter.

    • I don't think you know what you are saying. The
      fact is that AMZN is not a bookseller. BAMM is a
      bookseller. AMZN's stock climbed when it expanded its market
      into Video, CD, Music, DVD, Auctioning, in addition to
      books. Also, they've been buying small internet
      companies left and right, and they have been making pacts
      with many companies. Go read the AMZN news. Also, it's
      revenues are HUGE and it has been growing very fast. And,
      AMZN is a purely internet stock, which makes its stock
      valuation justified, in the eyes of most investors. BAMM on
      the other hand, started out as a bookstore, and then
      went online, just like Barnes&Noble. I'm sorry but
      BAMM is not anything like AMZN. The only thing they
      have in common is they both sell books online. Go
      research what people are posting on here and determine for
      yourself the facts.

    • Whether you are a short or long, you should keep
      in mind that most of the postings on here are
      usually not facts. If someone tells you go to long, they
      probably want you to buy, hoping the stock goes up, and
      they can sell at a higher price to recover their
      losses. If they want you to short, then they probably
      want the stock to drop, because they've already
      shorted, or maybe because they want the stock to drop so
      they can buy at a lower price. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO
      READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Most of the postings on here
      are to sway investors to their (the person posting)
      advantage, not to yours. So keep that in mind and filter the
      facts from the hype. A lot of people have already lost
      on Friday because they bought on the hype on
      Thursday and the stock dropped on Friday. You do not want
      to be in that situation. I'm just here to remind you
      in case your conscience fails you. Take care.

    • Go read some of the Messages on the AMZN board,
      starting around message 200. A bunch of shorts were
      telling people to sell AMZN at $14 and 1 year later it
      was at $220. Wooops, maybe some of you should think
      about holding!!!

      Imagine how the guy fees who
      sold his thousand shares of AMZN at $14, a chance of a
      life-time blown.

    • I whould not short at $12. The bas price will be
      around $12 for a long time. Walmart alliance and a few
      other news will adjust this difference. It could be
      higher for the next week, but I doubt it will open at
      $35 on Tuesday. I would predict BAMM opens at $12 and
      end up at $18.

    • I have shorted 10000 shares of BAMM at

      What if BAMM opens at $35 on Tuesday?

      Will I
      able to sell at $12 or $13 to minimize my
      Should I keep it?

      Any suggestion from short or
      long people! Thanks.

    • AMZN is valued at $19 billion it has an extremely
      questionable business plan and is losing money (big money) and
      will continue to lose money for the next 2

      Cash will rotate out of AMZN and into more solid
      companies. AMZN reminds me of Boston Chicken, too much
      spending without developing a profitable business first.
      BAMM has an established business and is

      Buy and Hold BAMM until Christmas, this could be 10

    • I always see EOM on messages.

      what does that mean? Thanks. And I hear enough F word on the TV, I don't need to see it on the messages too. Thanks also for that!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The shorters were posting so much for awhile
      there, you know
      they must be sweatin'. Shorts getting
      caught short. There's
      poetic justice. I feel for

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