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  • slamman007 slamman007 Nov 19, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    *IMPORTANT* Something seems off... Just think about the following..

    Just my opinion-

    1) If the CEO made a comment to think ONCS would organically grow by year end to be listed on a different exchange, why would they dilute?
    2) When you read the S - 1, it does not list an expiration date of the new shares, nor does it list a price. Why?
    3) If the S - 1 and 10 - k have both stated that they are not in the business of marketing, distributing, and licensing their product, why start now?
    4) At the top of the S - 1 it says AMENDMENT. This seems to be an amendment to the August S - 1 filing. In the August filing it said it would be a continuous offering as it said it would be in this one as well.
    5) When a partner joins a smaller company, don't they take an equity stake in the smaller company to reap in the benefits? Could this amendment be in connection to a partner?

    In the August S - 1 filing it said the stock price was .20c per share then. Look at what it has done since then. We we really going to loose all faith in the validity of the company without knowing more?

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    • It does not mean he lied, he probably thought he would partner soon, and since we know he said he did not want to dilute, they are in the process to do so, that could be for several reason, 1. the partner after reviewing data and trial size may have determined it was not sufficient at this time, 2. ONCS preparing in cases it doe not partner, in this case you would want to sell shares at the highest pps, and with no other near term catalyst, that would have been the price this morning. This is a flip of the coin call, and for me what I sold for this morning and the current price is $12,000.00, when the dust settles I will reconsider.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Possibly a case of poison pill financing, in one form or another.

    • Your right slam.I got in when was 21 cents and loading up more here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • to address your point #1 perhaps he LIED...??? 90% of these small bio-tech CEO's are crooked little weasels!!! not say he did, but not something you can rule out!

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      • If he was a liar, then odds are that he wouldn't have followed through with the timeline. He's one of the only CEOs of small biotech companies that actually meets goals.

      • In my opinion-

        It is easy to say he lied. The problem is when he is a face of the company, a 5% or greater shareholder in the company and the chairman is 11%+ shareholder... lying doesn't help him or his firm. Plus from a regulatory point of view, while it is traded on the OTCBB, he is still observed by the SEC. Remember, he is a Section 16 employee which means he can only sell his shares a certain times in a given year. His 5 million shares have also been diluted which means he is going to lose money as well, a hell of a lot of money after today. He more than most of us wants to see the stock price increase. His compensation is only a few hundred grand per year but he receives a sizable amount of options (less than what I have seen other CEO's make in biotech firms). His March issuance is now way under water.

        Remember, the heads of small firms like this are also very much interested in seeing their company succeed and have to be careful with what they say in public with fear of providing mis-leading statements.

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