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  • rbruf1959 Feb 24, 2013 7:03 PM Flag


    Next predicition, please.

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    • Seems like everyday this stock is testing 18 or 19 cents. The time is coming when more and more shares will be sold at 19 cents and then 18 cents. I have found another pharma stock that has moved up nicely the last 2 days after being run down for about a week waiting for an announcement. That stock is TTNP. I bought in the mid $1.80's yesterday and when they announce that the advisory meeting date has been approved for sometime in mid/late March, this stock will go back up to the $2.35-$2.40 level it was at before. TTNP, with the way the FDA is approving drugs these days, should have no problem getting approval on or before April 30th. I am playing TTNP and by the time TTNP gets approval on or before April 30th, ONCS should be down under 18 cents. I will be back in ONCS by May at 14-16 cents for the next move up. I am also holding NAVB and DCTH but the problem with both of those stocks is that their FDA dates are April 30th (NAVB) and June 14th (DCTH) I got out of PATH at $3.80 and the rest at $3.71 because the "HYPE" of FDA approval was over and their is just too much competition in the headache area. I believe TTNP will get a 20%-25% move when they announce the ADCOM date and when they get a 80% ADCOM panel approval rating, TTNP could jump from $2.35 up to $3.00. From $1.97, where it is today, that is about a 50% move upward and take the money and run. Expect a pullback the closer you get to April 30th and buy those shares back because TTNP will get approval and be HYPED up to $3.75-$4.00. I am stuck with the NAVB shares now. I have traded them in the $3.35-$3.40 range and mistakenly bought them back on options expiration day at $3.07 when I could have gotten them back at $2.95 easily but when you sell and buy something back 30 cents cheaper, I should not be complaining. I will be trading DCTH when they get their pre-FDA run up in March/April and then buy them back in late May or early June when the price is brought back down again. Most pharma stocks are manipulated before the actually FDA approval/denial date. I have seen this pattern many times and they continue to happen so why shouldn't I take advantage.
      Anyone on these message boards that says they are always right is a liar. Most people in the stock market lose money so how does everyone on these message boards make money. It takes a long time and a real man to admit that he can not beat these #$%$s that control the market. I have been involved in these pharma stocks for a few years now . What I have found out is you only have to be correcy about 30%-35% of the time to make money. I have been pretty lucky thinking like a #$%$. Pharma stocks are trading stocks not holding stocks. Look at the pharma stocks I have been in and holding has never been a winner. I bought SOMX at $2.80 and sold at $6.90 and the stock went to $10 the next day. NO CONTRACT and NO PARTNER, the stock dropped down to 50 cents.
      I got in ARNA at $2.80 and sold 75% at $6.95 and 25% when it hit $10.00 now it is hovering around $8.00. I should have sold AEZS when I bought it at $1.45 and it went to $2.30 the day before they announced their drug was a complete failure and was lucky to get out at 91 cents. When you can get a 100%, 200% or sometimes a 300% gain in a pharma stock that becomes a winner and only lose 50% when you pick a loser, you don't have to pick too many winners to make a profit. I have picked 3 out of 4 and have 3 going right now You have to be picky because there are a lot to choose from. The three I have going now (NAVB, DCTH, and TTNP) could all get FDA approval but what will the price do after approval is the question I think NAVB is a lock for approval and TTNP and DCTH are questionable but will be good trading stocks going into the approval and ADCOM votes.

    • Geez, RB, why don't you just ask him out on a date?

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