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  • dme306 dme306 May 13, 2013 9:58 AM Flag



    From investors in ONCS why the stock is going south? I guess we just sit and wait for the next milestone and accumulate.

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    • dme---nothing has changed.Newsletters generated interest a few days ago and that brought the newbies looking for instant gratification and 5 million volume.Now we're stuck with those new " investors " selling their
      shares.If you believe in the company,ignore the pps day to day. I believe if we eventually get some good news
      then the pps will rise dramatically.Hang in there

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      • sxsess May 13, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

        Romrex, it looks like we are OK with support at .26. What is your opinion? Like you, I feel nothing has changed. Stocks like this always retrace after small run-ups, so no surprise. When we get some positive news with data or partnerships this will absolutely explode up. Many more are aware of this company now and word is continuing to spread.

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      • Don't need to waste time with these ask-first-read-later newbies, you don't gain anything typing the samething over and over when the longs here already know... In another word, if people don't want to "hang in there" they're welcome to GTFO. It's that simple.

    • Stocks tend to rise on rumor and then sell on news. My interpretation is that the stock has just pulled back from profit taking for the moment. I'm anticipating another run up in price before the news comes out at the conference on the 21st. I may get out temporarily at that point and buy back in when it drops to a previous support level.

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      • There no new "news" @ these investor conferences, news have been always release by PR digitally, and then often re-discussed at the conferences AFTER the announcement; check the recent history dated all the way back to last year if you don't believe me. And FYI there were no rumors going on last week for the spike that brought newbies like you here, nor there any news afterwards for the pull-back.

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