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  • slamman007 slamman007 Jun 4, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Finally this leg down is over...

    It has been fun watching the commentary on the boards.. Some of you are pretty strong in your points of view and others I question your sanity.

    So why is the leg down over you ask? Well this is of course an opinion and as such is not a recommendation or solicitation. I believe the leg down is over for the following reasons:
    1) Six days of straight declines which hasn't happened since March that resulted in a rally afterward.
    2) A big trade down with a bounce up tells me limits were executed & people were pushed out unfortunately.
    3) We have bounced off the 50 day EMA twice on the three month chart and today is the third time. Both times resulted in a rally afterward.
    4) We perfectly bounced off the 26 week EMA like we did back on May 13th, later that week we tested the three month high.
    5) Volume for the last six weeks has averaged north of 9 million shares & last week we only had 4.5 million.
    6) Anyone who has read "Come in to my Trading Room" knows the three month daily & weekly year charts are very bullish. It doesn't matter that this is the OTC market, there are still some common technicals that can be analyzed.
    7) MRK's drug results, while impressive, are not comparable to ONCS's results. First ONCS has a medical device which can be used in conjunction with different drugs (like MRK's). Second ONCS uses a fraction of the recommended dosage & produces better results. MRK had varying responses (25%-52%) depending on high the dose was. Some patients developed complications with higher doses & were removed from the study. Third, NOTHING was mentioned about the "distant" response rate. As many analysts have pointed out, distant response rates are hard to come by and can mean more than local response rates, ONCS has a very high distant response rate. Read the SA article about comparing ONCS, VICL, and AMGN.
    8) Lastly, Immunopulse is a DNA- plasmid which helps the immune system attack cancer cells. Mrk's drug is a cancer marker telling the body to attack.

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    • I guess you were wrong. This stock will continue to be manipulated downward until they can get a better percentage gain when the move it back up. It doesn't sound like much when you say 5 cents or 10 cents but when the stock goes down from 33 to 26 cents, you can buy 27% more shares. when it hits 20 cents, you can buy 65% more shares and when it goes back up to 30 cents plus, you get a 50% return on your money. The people that have held are just back to even.

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      • No I was not wrong. As I stated in my opening, while some of you have compelling points of view, I question the sanity of many posters on here.

        For the price to not respond within 48 hours does not mean I was wrong. If I had the ability to call bottoms of price trends I would not be posting on here. I would be to busy off writing books, building companies, and spending time on the beach.

        The points I made were to highlight reasons for a bounce and the fact that the price dropped from .34 to .255 then quickly snapped back. The light volume trading taking place now are the few inexperienced "traders" that are on to their next adventure along with a few people that have been waiting for a better entry point. Good luck to them. I am sorry some will miss out on the next run up. Those that are looking for another run will stay in until July, then most likely sell out taking profits, and then buy it back a few weeks later after a retracement for the October run.

        You speak of trading as though it were a simple numbers game. The only way what you say makes sense is when you can predict the future and know where the micro trend is going. If that is the case then why post here? You should be up more than most and ideally should be imparting your wisdom on us if you are going to post. Provide some real value.

        My opinions are just that, opinions. Granted I spend a majority of everyday involved in analysis, financial modeling, and consulting; I still feel the desire to share a friendly point of view once in a while.

        Again these are my opinions and as such should not be construed as advice or guidance. Do your own research and best of luck.

      • Bash on LOSER. If you're waiting on 20 cents, you're a fool!

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    • ONCS has stand-out performance in the field-- trial data is good--and as you said, showing better than MRK, and also BMY. Due for a rally soon...

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      • I saw lots of 20 -40 pop like popcorn as this dropped . were people selling willingly ,nope,, stops taken out.. oldest game in the book.. good post slamman.. Way too many down days as you said, and yet folk kept buying.. I added to my position.. MM pushed this to .25 and it climbed back up to .34.. Look for strong rally as we head toward july trials.. ONCS gets no respect.

    • sxsess Jun 5, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

      If ONCS data comes out consistent to there previous AMGN's drug will be inferior. I look forward to the future here as this could be bigger than anyone can imagine. One more thing slamman, AMGN drug if FDA approved will cost patients and insurance companies big bucks. ONCS procedure will, if FDA approved, be fractional to all these new drugs. Great post by the way slamman. GLTA.

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    • rbruf1959 Jun 4, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

      Thank you for the information!!!

    • Nice post, slamman. We can all appreciate such worthy information.


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