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  • waitforit52 waitforit52 Jun 12, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    Why Old Dominion Sponsored research at this time?

    I noticed in an article titled "Why Did Immunotherapy Pioneer NewLink Genetics Reach A 52-Week High?," that while at the Big ASCO gathering a few weeks back, that "Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) and Merck (MRK) received the most media attention due to their anti-PD-1 drugs, which in early-stage clinical trials displayed impressive survival rates as melanoma therapies. Bristol-Myers's nivolumab and Merck's lambrolizumab block the PD-1 protein to prevent cancer cells from evading the body's immune system. Genentech/Roche (RHHBY.OB) also presented preliminary data that indicated its PD-L1 antibody, MPDL3280A, showing meaningful tumor shrinkage in more than 20% of patients with advanced lung cancer, melanoma, kidney, and other cancers."

    This is exactly what Oncosec's research on mice is all about -- PD-1 and PD-L1. It's looks like Oncosec is directly positioning it's device to be platformed with the above company's cutting-edge drugs as an attempt to garner greater marketability to these companies. I am excluding the idea that it is part of a potential contract negotiation with any one company since The PD-L1 anti-body is specific to Genentech/Roche, so Oncosec's research seems targeted to the possible application to all three. I'm curious the duration of the research? and possible implications?

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    • rbruf1959 Jun 12, 2013 5:42 PM Flag


      I believe it's all good. I attended ODU, top school for innovation and research. What are your concerns about possible implications?

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      • My mind went in two directions of thought. The first, at the vary least I would think, would be Oncosec ensuring it's place in the immunotherapy application. They have a powerful platform that is less expensive on many levels due to less hospital costs, low drug cost to do increasing the absorption rate, less intrusive that surgery, even educating the greater immune systemic response to cancer cells simultaneously. And all that is very powerful.

        AND it now appears that since ASCO, and the information that they garnered there, that SOMEHOW within a very short time span since then, have received a sponsored research project that specifically is testing for the efficacy of the very same anti-body drugs that the BIG THREE pharma company's presented at ASCO.

        rb, I have only one concern about Oncosec--and that is that in this rapidly developing and changing approach of immunotherapy, that electroporation does not become obsolete as these newer drugs are able to improve their efficacy while lowering there toxicity. We already are seeing NeoPulse take a backseat to ImmunoPulse for this very same reason--immunoPulse is proving more effective. So I think Oncosec (since ASCO) has made an "in coarse correction" to it's business plan by working hard to demonstrate through this new research agreement, that electroporation create a power house out of their drugs just as it has with the IL-12 drug.

        It's more like the "the suspense is killing me" with the potential that I think is waiting to be revealed mid July and beyond.

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    • @wait...........I think it is all good! Be patient and strong........this could be a very interesting 6 months to those who hold shares.

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