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  • twiz0019 twiz0019 Jun 13, 2013 7:42 AM Flag

    hey samyo......

    The "dilution" you are so adamant about are shares for the employees as part of a STOCK INCENTIVE PLAN, not shares being offered to the public or private investors. Also, normally when there is as a dilution, the PPS reacts downward by 20%-25% that day.....that did NOT happen. So stop slandering people when you don't have all of your facts straight. And by the way, is300 and I are NOT the same person, DUDE!!

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    • Should I put a "TAMPAX" on my DILUTION?, just until it STOPS?

    • I am very happy that you finally found out the truth. I am glad I was able to improve your investment prowess by bestowing some of my amateur wisdom and information on you. You can be sure I will continue to try and help you because I am your friend.

      Who cares who is getting the shares of the dilution? A dilution is a dilution. 3.8 million shares of dilution to Kermit the Frog or 3.8 million shares of dilution to a schizophrenic investor with 2 names on a board doesn't matter.

      Not all dilutions are followed by a 20%-25% drop on the same day, especially when the market is saturated with relatively clueless posters exhorting others to do DD when they don't even understand how to perform it themselves and would rather bully others instead.

      I am sad you are not the same person as is300, because now I have less confidence in the quality of this community.

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      • I did a little math to reference against your figures.

        The day of the announcement of the dilution was may 21st. On that day the pps topped out at .338 and declined to .251, 12 trading days later. That is a 25.74% decline on around 13% dilution. Obviously the details of any dilution would effect the % drop, however 25% was accurate here if the timing wasn't.

        I noticed that despite my post the day after drawing attention to the dilution , there wasn't much of a discussion. However, there were posts asking why the price was dropping, as well as how far it would go. Even though I was surprised no one was talking about the dilution, I said it wouldn't go below .26.

        Although I technically was wrong, it still hasn't closed below .267.

        Although I am an amateur, I pointed out the dilution signaling the top and the subsequent expected decline. I also called bottom when it was at .30 - 6 trading days in advance.

        At this pace, I will soon surpass you as king of Oncosec.

        Watch out.

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