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  • bullchinashop426 bullchinashop426 Jun 25, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    What happened to all the true longs here?

    A month ago many were posting their confidence and the level they would sell at...all i see now are "lightened my position" or "I'm out"

    What's changed about the company(in a month) to make you sell? Is is .08 drop really enough to scare you out of a stock?

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    • You are looking at this the wrong way. It may be only a 8-10 cent drop but it is a 25%-30% drop that has people scared.

    • Still here. Waiting and watching patiently. Nothing has changed.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Nothing has really changed. I will take a profit when I can...especially if the stock is slipping for whatever reason. I will buy again on the dips. I do believe in ONCS and their products. Their products will take time to develop though.

    • I have not changed my position and am a true long. Although I obviously don't like to see any downward movement, they are meaningless to me. They only mean something to day traders and those who are not true longs. What really matters are the trial results which are coming soon, and if they are as good as the ones in the past, then the price will react accordingly and this drop from the.32-.33 range WILL be meaningless.

    • That's a fair question, Bull. I'm a "long and strong" advocate, but at times I do trade (buy & sell) a little...

      With that being said, I always keep a minimum number of shares that I never sell. I won't disclose the exact amount, but let's just say 50K for example. I will then buy and sell every now and then depending on my current expectations. So at any given time, I could own between 50K - 150K, but never less than 50K. I've owned this stock for over 1.5 years, so I've gotten to know it pretty well.

      I did lighten up a little last week. That's because of the clear-as-day "head and shoulders" pattern that was created on the charts. H&S patterns are very bearish, so I knew it was going to drop. And it did. I sold some shares at .265, and then reloaded yesterday and today at .235. It may even drop a little further before it hits bottom, so I've got some extra funds lying around to buy some more in case it does. So yes, I do "trade" every once and a while, but it would be a waste of all my knowledge and research not to!

      I guess the moral of the story is, if you have the knowledge and experience to successfully trade, go for it, but never ever ever ever sell out completely! Imagine owning zero shares on the day when a partnership is announced? Or a buyout happens? Or PPS just shoots up to where it should be? THAT WOULD A CATASTROPHE!

      Good luck, bud!

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