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  • brotherbear44 brotherbear44 Jul 22, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    Weak PR


    Good to see the positive info regarding ImmunoPulse, but the PR was vague and not packing any kind of punch that we were hoping for.
    I truly believe the potential is there for ONCS to be an amazingly profitable investment. However, because of the lack of business sense they seem to have when it comes to keeping investors and potential investors informed I could see it taking far more than necessary to get us there. With the right people running the show ONCS would already be trading above $1pps. Yet for now we will continue to plod along. Everything is there to be a very successful company/investment, but those in charge just continue to not pull the right strings.

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    • Increasing the SP will follow announcement of successfully negotiating a Phase III Clinical Trial based on the data. This is a confidential event between ONCS and FDA. This will take months after the data is completely analyzed. Remember the person who was the last enrollee. His data has to be analyzed 24 weeks after he enrolled. We all wish him very well, but a comment from him in 12-18 weeks that he is doing well will be the first PR that this MB will receive. Beyond that, ONCS cannot divulge their proceedings with the FDA. This is not a news event, it is confidential progress forward. Usually the "foreward looking/safe harbor statements suggest there is no obligation to inform investors about such confidential matters. Stay tuned. I looked at this investment as a 3-5 year period to the final outcome. I also believe this is the answer to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin that doubles in size in four days. That was my experience. We shall see.


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    • "immunopulse" watch out for white blood cell count... went over pretty well for inovio's PR's lately , im sure they talk.... ONCS likened their treatment to PD-1 inhibitors.. if you follow big pharma you know thats the talk of the town especially as the recent ASCO. i wouldnt be surprised if it surpass's the PD-1 inhibitors due to the delivery method. it wont be long..

    • I still think the reason why positive data like these failed to move this stock is that the street hasn't fully bought in to this technology, hence no partnership lining up, out of ten there was only one willing to sign and lord knows where that is right now!! It will take a Phase III positive approval or partnership announcement to get this thing moving. Nothing less!!

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    • well if they get conditional approval you can cast any doubt out of your mind because the valuation will explode

    • Yes, very technical report. The true catalysts seem to be towards the end of the quarter/year when more results become available. I don't see anything to bring this towards 1.00 targets anytime soon though, but hoping for a half dollar in near future.

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    • BB44, I think part of the reason for the lack of major upward movement is that the results presented were very technical in nature. Investors like to see actual patient results presented and that wasn't the case today. Unless you are a scientist, it's hard to interpret the true meaning of the results. At least the results WERE positive!

    • Sadly, I agree with you... just a little.

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