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  • taghova taghova Aug 20, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    ONTOP - why do you suck? I'll tell you...

    This is the last time I've ever going to address you, ontop. The reason nobody here likes you is not because you think the stock is going to go down, and it's not because you like to trade the stock.

    First of all, a lot of us think the stock is going to go down at certain times. Me included. We're not blind cheerleaders that think this thing is going to go straight up every day. We welcome eachother's objective opinions, whether positive or negative. The reason why nobody likes what you have to say is because your opinions are never based on fact, or actual knowledge. You just blurt out #$%$. For a moment, I thought you actually had a brain inside that lump above your #$%$ but then you mentioned that ONCS was creating a drug to cure cancer. ONCS IS NOT DEVELOPING A DRUG, AND THEY NEVER HAVE. IT'S A DELIVERY SYSTEM. ANYBODY THAT KNOWS ONCS KNOWS THIS FACT. That's why nobody likes you.

    Finally, I have been known to trade this stock every once in a while myself. I don't keep that fact a secret. However, I have a core of 100K shares that I never get rid off, no matter what. When I am ready to trade it, I usually tell the board, and give reasons why. My reasons are based on a variety of factors, including upcoming catalysts, PR's, trends, and technical analysis. Furthermore, I always end all of my predictions with "IMO." Because I'm not always right, and nobody is. On the other hand, you act as if your predictions are coming from the almighty upstairs, and that everyone else is an idiot. You are not always right, and you never will be. That's why nobody likes you.

    In conclusion, you can stop defending your knowledge of the stock, how savvy you are at trading, and how awesome you are. Because nobody cares. Nobody wants to talk to you, and nobody wants to see your useless posts. It doesn't matter what you have to say, because nobody cares.

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