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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 18, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    Folks, this is what happens when secondaries occur. I will find a bunch of others that are similar if you like?

    I'm called a basher, that I have a hidden agenda when all I'm trying to do is not repeat mistakes.
    This is a true story.
    Last year on Oct.17th of last year IMUC was trading at $2.41
    The next day October 18th they announced a secondary at $2.08 with warrants and the stock fell to $2.07 on massive volume.
    The stock started to slip quickly on larger than normal volume.
    On November 13th, IMUC hit a low of $1.51 which was over 25% less than the secondary price.
    I heard the same protests from IMUC shareholders that I am hearing now from ONCS shareholders.
    After the $2.08 offering, it took appx. 4 months for the stock to trade above the $2.08 offering. That's more than a 25% hit from the offering price in less than a month and months to claw back to parity. That's why I've chosen to be patient and wait to buy.
    I realize that every situation is different, however, do not be surprised to see it drift to the lower .20's. People get bored, they sell into any strength at all and that's just the way it works. In fact, I defy anyone to tell me where a Company issued similar stock in a developmental Company and the stock didn't trade below the offering price?

    Now before I hear all about the catalysts within the next few months, every Company has catalysts. My point is that despite what all you experts happen to think about smart money buying at .25. That smart money will sell the stock at a loss despite the protestations of Samyo and all his fans.
    Samyo lost me when he thought that there was the possibility of a short squeeze on the day they issued an additional 48 million shares. Probably one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard on a MB. And he is touted as the guru on this MB. Heaven help us......

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    • bourbon_on_my_cornflakes bourbon_on_my_cornflakes Dec 6, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

      INO, company closest to ONCS, rose 300% after its offering in April 2013. ONCS following INO's playbook.

    • You are a basher because you only present some of the facts. Yes IMUC went down. But in Dec 2012 GALE did a public offering to make money priced at 1.60. the stock was trading around 1.90-2.00 at the time. Once the offering ended, GALE went almost in a straight line up to 3 dollars by the begin of May.

      More recently OPXA had a public offering at the beginning of August. The were trading above 2.50 at the time and their offering was around the 1.50 level. Yesterday they closed at 1.73. Why leave this out?

      You are a basher because you are picking which info to throw on this board. If it was a no brainer that stocks go down after this.. it would go down. you havent discovered something the market doesnt know. quit acting like you have.

    • I am in oncs since before the last dilution, so I know what you said are making perfect senses. Many people here are too emotionally attached, they can not see that all we do is forecast the after effects of oncs dilution based on historical data. They equated analyzing with bashing.

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      • Jack, you can't win with this bunch. Stock goes from .32 to .255 and "nothing to see here" There is a ton of stock hanging over the market right now and this buying is retail thinking that they're emulating the "Smart Money" and buying in when they did. No! The smart money was able to get a warrant attached to every 2 shares of ONCS that they were fortunate enough to purchase at .25. I say fortunate because as a current shareholder, I wasn't given an option to buy these units. Why not?

      • When you can't see the obvious differences between now and Dec, 2012 - basher is a kind word to describe you.

        Maybe you can imagine the more accurate words to describe yourself?

      • Its quite ironic, you write a sentence about making sense....yet its making perfect senses
        Yeah we're too emotionally attached...have you seen any of gme's post? The dude is straight up losing it...
        What's done is done...who cares, why are we still on this subject?

    • " In fact, I defy anyone to tell me where a Company issued similar stock in a developmental Company and the stock didn't trade below the offering price?"

      You are intellectually dishonest. I included not 1 but 2 examples of this happening in replies to your whining and/or to other bashers in the last 2 days. If you were honest, you would never have asked that question because you know it's already been answered. This is what...the 12th bashing post you have made with little to nothing of value added? You want your shares cheaper than smart money. Yes, we get it. You have said it no less than 12 times in 2 days. What else do you have to add?

      When Market Makers are shorting 51% of the shares sold, it appears to me that a short squeeze is inevitable if that pace continues. I only asked the question. The prospectus filed says the offering can keep going until October 13th. Will those borrowed shares stay borrowed for another month? Are the offering shares even allowed to be sold anytime soon? They might can enter the market this Friday morning. How do you know?

      You are confused. Anyone who stands up to bashers and liars on a board will be supported by the populace. I am only guru of confronting you and calling out your misinformation. Yes, if 51% of shares sold everyday are borrowed...a short squeeze is coming eventually. 20 million shares have been shorted in the last 2 days. The average daily volume before dilution was 1.45 million. Do the math.

      I am sorry you want to bash for no other reason than selfish self benefit. It looks bad on you. I am hoping kar can get his brokerage account funded in time to take advantage. However, I am hoping you have to pay at least .30 just because of your attitude and dishonesty.

      • 2 Replies to samyo1
      • I mean 11 million shares have been shorted in the last 2 days. 20 million shares were sold total.

      • Sam, you are proving to be less sophisticated by the day. Anyone who didn't or wouldn't edit his own post about a short squeeze at the time you wrote it, is someone I feel very comfortable about betting against. You have no rhyme or reason for your comments. You just have feelings and hopes and fail to look at history. it will be a pleasure buying cheaper shares.
        I guess that anybody who doesn't participate in this MB's "circle Jerk" is a basher right?
        The shares shorted on Monday were naked shorted by people who got wind of an offering at .25 with warrants with the stock trading at .32. Easy money for them, made even easier by the sycophants on this MB who can't imagine ONCS trading below .25.

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