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  • seriallong seriallong Sep 19, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    ONCS - Long term

    Is there anybody from the "exclusive club" that would like to take a shot at my question. I have cost of .33 and thinking of adding more now that price has stabilized. What do you guys think ONCS could be worth 2 years from now. I just want to make sure, I am compensated for parking my money for 2 years.

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    • Really, after only one week you think this stock has stabilized? Based upon what? There are still a ton of shares that will hit this stock the minute it gets any life.
      I have stated that the volume is anemic and does not lend itself to a healthy turning over of the shares. I will guarantee that the MM is doing his best to keep the price supported for credibility, but that is little comfort when there are those that will be seek liquidity in the meanwhile.
      Everybody acts as though all these shares are held by people with the same devotion to ONCS that they feel. I promise you that they're not.

    • The question you might ask is how much would your money make sitting in a cd or savings account. Than triple it or more.

    • Wow the market for melanoma is huge' roughly $500 mil, with few class A competitors left, ONCS is looking to be a cash cow. Within 9 months when final data is presented you will get you're value. Not final value but just the start. Immunotherapy is the next big trend in fighting disease like cancer,ONCS value will be unlimited with good data. By next Summer with partnership at hand, I would say $2.50. I am loading up and use all my paycheck to buy more, guess I will eat top ramen this week. Lol

    • By the middle of 2014, we should be somewhere around $.80 - $1.50. We are playing with very little competition in melanoma, which has a huge market. Within a year or two we could have something very big here. I could easily see a billion dollar buyout, or if company holds out, market caps of even 2 or 3 billion. Shares could easily be $5 - $10 in 1-3 years.

      Right now, the shares are so cheap it's ridiculous. This is your chance to get in on a VC level and grab a nice little chunk of this company. Right now I'm at 160,000 shares, so I love saying that "I own 1/10 of 1% of this gem."

      Do yourself a favor and dive in.

    • I won't put a number on it, but if Phase II trials are successful you won't have to wait 2 years to have a big increase in PPS. Both the Melanoma and MCC trial are expected to be completed next year. Very few players left in Melanoma arena and I believe no other players for MCC......also MCC has a great shot at Orphan Drug Designation with successful data.

    • iracez28 Sep 19, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

      Someone needs to "do the math". I'm sure some folks have, but - my only concern here is the amount of float and the exchange it's on. I assume eventually, this'll move up to a different exchange, and the price may move via a R/S. But this place has a market cap of 30.74M - based on... what? Whatever. In two years, we need to assume they've accomplished that ads value to the market cap. So if we have a drug/process worth $500M/year if commercialized, that might give a MC of $500M (rough). ASSUMING the float stays the same (which it probably won't) - that would be 16x current value, or 0.25 X .16 = $4/share. Give or take a couple bux, depending on which way the winds blowing... My guess is this'll reverse split and get listed on nasdaq, then the price will be higher due to less float and more mature and hopefully successful assets.

    • I'll give you a conservative quote that I recently posted, and I only includes the 3 clinicals running now. It doesn't take in the broader application possibilities that are presently being researched by the ODU grant. And I would guess 2-4 years, but could be earlier depending on a lot of X factors.

      I read the Biotech industry trades on average 4x that of company revenue. based on that a rough estimate would be:
      $500 mil. for melanoma
      $100 Mil. for MCC
      $100 Mil for Lymphoma
      Total = 700 mil x 4 (the average industry PPS trading off potential/actual company revenue)
      = 2.8 billion divided by (at present) 118 mil. outstanding shares
      = $23.7 PPS (including the 47M share, that mathematically drops it to almost $17 buckaroos.
      Like I said earlier, this doesn't account for the added value to other FDA approved drugs to which the OMS platform can be applied, which really could send the price higher.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • wait your reply gave me goosebumps. $17? Wow..hypothetically speaking. If you have $50,000 invested in oNCS at .26 and it goes to 17 that means, 50 grand become wait for it (pun intended) $3.2 million. One can live off of interest on so much money Sweet. Well time to get out of Lala land and do the dishes

      • Remember, INO went up on Mice research, we are in full human trials with patents on 3 continents and CE approval in China and Europe for NeoPulse that is ready to begin revenue production, and a probable Orphan drug Status for MCC which will have a definite impact on Melanoma outcome. I did notice that Lymphoma has all but been dropped from clinical discussions (don't know what's up there).

    • Since obviously nobody knows , Imo a very conservative number would be $3 per share. I would be interested to see what the others in "exclusive club" think

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