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  • samyo1 samyo1 Sep 20, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Geron Exposed As Fraud.....Again

    Between 6/24 and 7/18 with the PPS rising from .248 to .32 - a whopping 29% - geron begins his string of horrible calls:

    "Do you believe me yet? This is going back down to .20. This will be my 4th time in 12 months to load up at .20 and sell higher"

    " See you at .20 Guaranteed !"

    " I have been telling you all for weeks now that this will hit .18 to .20 before rebounding. If you would have listened, you would have kept that hard earned money that you blew. .18 is when I will be back in. Thanks for the cheap shares (again)(again)(again)(again)"

    " I am laughing at all of you suckers that thought this was going to fly. Do you people even read the charts?"

    "lol. I warned all of you, especially that bug guy. People THIS IS GOING to sub .20. It always does."

    ". Charts say .17 is coming. Mark my words."

    "Mark my words. Sorry everyone. But, in all fairness, I have been warning you for 6 weeks."

    ".Well, you are going to get your wish ... and then some. .20 guaranteed. Most likely .16 to .17 ( 10 - 30 days) based upon charts."

    "I will be back here in 4 weeks saying "I told you so"

    Besides the horribly wrong calls, the price had bottomed out 3 weeks earlier at .235 and was rising everyday yet notice this did not slow him down. Notice the smugness, desperation and spasticity. Notice how reality had no effect on his mania. Notice how he sounds like someone else we know.

    Geron, let me tell you so, mark my words I am not done...guaranteed.

    On 7/16 with the PPS at .294 geron says:

    "This will be at .20 by this time next week."

    Two weeks later it bottomed out at .27. One week after that it hit .34 for a staggering 26% weekly gain.

    If geron told you and you marked his words then it's time for you to cash in his guarantee. Of course based on the erratic and shady behavior exhibited by geron, you might want to put your trust in others.

    Either way, geron has once again been exposed as a fraud. And you can rest assured I will continue to expose him.

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