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  • ino_ate ino_ate Oct 16, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Since some people want to make this MB into cliques..... Let us start a Non-Legit list

    That is all of us who don't belong to this stupid legit list! and oh by the way, let us not ostracize anyone! Everyone who is "not legit" is welcome! Narrow minded fools!

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    • INO... this post is so stupid in so many ways.

      First of all, we're not a bunch of #$%$'s walking around looking to destroy all outsiders. We're investors with a common interest of sharing information, making money, and helping others make money.

      We formed this "group" as a way for newcomers to recognize sources of good information, versus sources of bad information. This is good for all investors, including you, because it preserves the integrity of the stock and helps maintain a consistently valid and objective opinion in the mindset of current and prospective shareholders.

      We call ourselves the Legit List not because everybody else is not legit, but because we know for a fact that all of us are in fact legit. Your implication that we are calling everyone else "not legit" is simply not true. We respect all valid contributors, as long as their posts are fact based and contributory. We never exclude these types of posters, and if I/we have, it was certainly not intentional. We do however love to gang-up and lash-out on bashers, and people who post useless garbage, because again, we are all highly concerned with preserving the integrity of this forum.

      As Bull said, you do have some good things to say, so don't just go an ostracize yourself over something like this. This stock is a roller-coaster, and we're all in for the ride together. Stick around, because you/we only stand to gain from that.

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    • G F YS

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    • Don't be a douche ino_ate, many of your post here have been helpful and had good information....

      Our legit list is just a group of friends that have been on this MB for at least a year..if not more.. We welcome other people and usually use that reference when broadcasting a message to certain people

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