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  • furbush87 furbush87 Jan 14, 2014 11:38 PM Flag

    Disapointed with the Presentation?

    For those that fit the bill, and we all wanted something more, I share some thoughts of patience with you. Go back and read the first couple of paragraphs from the article written today. The market transfers wealth from the impatient to the patient. How many of us have missed out on great investments because we did not wait long enough. I have done that at least a dozen times this year alone.
    Its true that nothing new or exciting was released today, it was a rehash of everything already known. But that is not the story here, nor is it about how the presentation went. Nobody expected to be dazzled. And by nobody, I mean the people that this presentation was for. No hard feelings folks, but this presentation was not for us, it was for large institutional investors. These investors invest millions where we invest thousands or tens of thousands. The people this presentation was for, already knew everything that was discussed. They read all the releases and the corporate update. They had their analysts look it over and give an opinion.
    This presentation was not about the presentation, it was about the Q&A. The news was WHO asked questions, and what did they ask. I don't think we will get to know that unfortunately.

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    • I leave for the night with one final thought, I saw no one else comment on. Listen to the presentation again as soon as its available. When the CEO is talking about milestones, he slipped up and said the word IMMINENT, then corrected himself and said 1st half of 2014. Was it just a slip? what does Imminent mean? Is that really a word that you would think a person would utter incorrectly?

    • I think we as retail investors forget 2 important things when investing in stocks like this one with a small market cap and great potential.
      1. If we are the ones moving the price, its not a real development, institutional involvement is one of the biggest predictors of success for a biopharm stock, if big money isn't interested, there is probably a reason why.
      2. Investing is supposed to be boring, like watching paint dry. I'd rather have this stock climb 2-5% a month for the rest of the year than bounce up and down 20% every week. Milestones will move this stock. Did you see how phenomenal the results are to date. Do you really think that's going to change in 6 months?

      Next week another investors conference, if we start seeing more hedgefunds investing into ONCS, takin 3-5% stakes in this company, what do you think that will do?
      Yes the stock is probably going to fluctuate between .46 and .56 for awhile. Trade around a core position if that is your like, but remember this will take off.

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