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  • mensa_1963 mensa_1963 Mar 19, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

    Marksell85 called it wrong on CHTP and still can't handle the fact that I did...

    Oh that's right, I must have waited for the FDA to make an approval decision before buying it.
    Yeah, that's it!



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    • Girls, Girls, will ya take this chest pounding somewhere, ANYWHERE!, else please...

    • Wow menstrual, 3 posts directed at me in 4 minutes??? I am certainly flattered. As for CHTP all one has to do is look at each other's posts. 2 days before original approval date I posted approval, approval price baked in and bear raid before approval (actually 2 occurred). You on the other hand said approval and 12 pps day after approval??? Hmmm funny but my prediction seemed pretty spot on but who wants to deal with what was really posted hey menstrual. By the way thanks for pin pointing the time you bought CVM today. By the way it looks you're underwater. Looks like you have some pumping to do so run along cookie.

      • 1 Reply to marksell85
      • You are so off, it's hilarious. You predicted "0". You actually told me to burn in Hell if I was wrong and all that baloney. I don't forget funny, I never do. I had to babysit you and the rest of the plumbers on that board. YOU PICKED IT TWO DAYS BEFORE ROFLMAO!! Okay, FartSmell! There, there...

        As for CVM, day late and dollar short. You got baited and bought it. LOL! I bought #$%$, as a matter of fact you would not even believe me if I told you. So keep thinking....Luv it! This is too easy.

        Here. let me sign myself of as Pineapplecook1001.

        Buh Bye Silly!!!!

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