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  • meekmill51 meekmill51 May 16, 2014 1:45 AM Flag

    Mensa is a fraud

    I love Oncosec. In my opinion, it is one of the most undervalued biotech plays on the market as it stands today. Great leadership, good financials, and of course, strong data support its claim to be a company that can lead the melanoma cancer fight.

    These are the reasons you should buy Oncosec. Instead, the vast majority of the message boards are dedicated to speaking about this guy Mensa, whose only credentials come off his word. Everything that he says contains no backing, no support, no reason for us to believe him. In the end, he is successful insofar as he has bought influence, when in reality this guy lies through his teeth just to obtain his ultimate end: pumping and dumping stocks as he pleases.

    Buy oncosec for the right reasons. Not because this fraud claims to have underground data or unwarranted amounts of biotech experience.

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    • "Whatever".

    • c-osora May 17, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

      Get over it. I'm sure you might be good at something too, just keep looking.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wrong! Mensa is the real thing. Can't you tell? If so, maybe your ego is getting in the way. The guy is the genuine article. That's what happens often to 99th percentile guys. They are too idiosyncratic to fit in. But who wants to fit in anyway? Anyway, he has all the marks - smart, successful, _generous_, and wacky.
      Way to go Mensa. Please keep it up, it is refreshing to hear some sense, in this morass of garbled nonsense. Just keep in mind one thing, as you count those millions -- you still have to crack the cosmic egg. 'Nuff said.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pathetic, how do we know you love any company or have ever owned a share of anything. Seems you're on a fraud witchhunt with an ego to hold a gavel someday.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Just remember Mensa is "The Sultan of Stock"

    • Signed out and in 11 times, did we? Get a clue BOZO!

    • You're just jealous because I speak from experience and education and have a record to prove everything I pick, even the so called Bio_Drecks come out on top and make you money. Take for example MSTX. now when I called that one out two weeks ago I was laughed at, and hard. "People saying it's a fraud company, you're just pumping and dumping, blah blah blah". Baker Brother just bought 3 million shares yesterday. that's just the beginning. I said MSTX will go to .90 and it will. Yo do remember what happened to IDRA when the Baker Brothers bought into a so called #$%$ company at .58 cents? LOL! Almost the exact same entry number too. Now watch as those neighsayers rub their eyes in disbelief that even that long shot I called came true. And you know how I did it? Easy, I read everything I could about the company over the last five years, every move, every financial, every hire and ever fire, the pipe-line products, the market need, the location of the facility, the talent pool nearby, the corporate statements, executive history on Linked-In and on and secret SpondgeBob I work hard to find value.

      As for cashing out. Damn right. I even call the day trades the day before. I'm not like a real pumper who gets in first then wakes everyone up when it's already climbing. No way. Finally, I make it no secret when I plan to sell and how much, I even post my own sell target: here it's $1.25. But I will not sell all. No, that's not how a portfolio is built up. I always leave 1/3 for long and then I invest in another up and coming good company. Now don't give me any arsenic sauce BS about that not being prudent investment and at least I am honest and divulge my intent and not troll the boards looking to know someone down out of jealousy, disbelief, disgust, or down right stupidity.

      I have owned ONCS as a long so don't you come around now sticking out your chest like some wise-ars chicken, you got something to say to add value to the board? Good. If not BEAT IT!

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      • I follow the same sell strategy, although my sell and holds are different when a stock does well. I like the fact that ONCS is using both FDA approved IL-12 and electrical pulsation for targeted delivery. My only concern is their IP, from what I can find on ONCS everything they have is licensed.
        If all goes well I think ONCS can reach $8.00 (due to investor enthusiasm) within a year or two. If it does I'll sell 50% of profits to invest into a dividend stock for retirement. I'll also continue to invest in INO. Having the IP and having David Weiner, Ph.D as the Chairman of the Inovio Scientific Advisory Board is a huge plus for future growth.
        Keep up the good work you’re doing for the board, Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • If you added your value to the board and kept it as is no one would complain. But nobody wants to hear your phony resume and hear about your "long term experience" from a message board. You have no credibility. You have no evidence to back up your claims. You work the message boards only for your own benefit. I've bought a slew of companies as well, and made money on them just like a lot of people that have invested in oncosec.

        The key difference between me and you is I don't feel the need to tell everybody everytime I speak. And with that being said, it just tells me and it should tell everyone else that you are lying through your teeth.

      • Well I'd say that pretty well sums things up!!! Who's next???

      • Mensa, you say here that you plan to sell 66% of your ONCS shares at $1.25?

        Mensa: " Finally, I make it no secret when I plan to sell and how much, I even post my own sell target: here it's $1.25."

        But you said elsewhere yesterday you thought the stock would triple after ASCO in June.

        Why sell at $1.25?????

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