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  • pcrooks555 pcrooks555 Jun 5, 2014 5:56 PM Flag

    just a reminder:


    furbush, brother bear and mensa all said the s-3 would not be acted upon anytime soon, let alone during the asco conference, oh and not for raising capital since oncs has enough money for the next two years.
    i just want to point that out again because they act like a think tank and think tanks do not think rationally.

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    • ok, so now we know not to listen to these people when it come to ONCS filing an S-3, and that they will act on it.........nice to know and put in the back of the mind.....however, there are other things they say that are its irrationally to think that everything they say is irrational.....there....hope that helps? : D

    • One of the things I used to do as a controller was forecast future results. It requires knowing how managers customarily do things. When ever Oncs filed an S-3 in the past it was a week or two after there was a new issue. That's righteous. That was my expectation in spite of all the nonsense about a year later or in lieu of a partnership. Controllers don't approve them usually to put up the $4K dollars a year in advance for filing fees on S-3's but for doing the dead now. Something could happen within a year and the filing fees could be wasted. Just like most Oncs announcements are at 6:00 AM they are consist and methodic. If we watch them enough and could see them day to day, we could even forecast toilet paper usage. Really, it's not rocket science. Well, there is a pun there but I won't do it. I did that twice in my career, forecast TP usage, and pretty well, as one might say, nailed their Asssses and made a reputation for myself in forecasting. That S-3 was for $75M and so far they go $16M. What's that tell you?

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      • It tells me they are in bed with someone else (hedge fund, venture capitalist, large biotech investor or small investment bank (big banks wouldn't touch at this price). It also tells me that there's the possibility of much more to come ($75 - $16 = $54 million remaining) as soon as she heads higher, maybe slightly past $1.10 or $1.20 just to simply ensure "someone" has already locked in their gains and has their floor in at 71 cents.

        Simply my take here.

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    • Let's not forget about Sal...

      I warned everyone to be a cautious long here...

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