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  • dleenorman dleenorman Jun 7, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    Why dilution IF partnership near??


    This past week was the week we all had been waiting for with excitement; it was so disappointing: ASCO and then a dilution!!!!!
    I know the argument that we are long thus we should not be concerned but why raise money IF a partnership is coming soon?? Please explain. I'm in for the long haul (585K shares) but I don't want to spent the next couple of months like the last couple of months waiting on false hope.

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    • If you get impatient just go check the chart on PVCT and see how that exploded last year after being under a dollar for many many months,We may not get rewarded in this till like december.

    • I agree with you that the past three months has been a long wait for nothing.This past week was very dissapointing.I am not so sure that they have a partner lined up.They may have gotten more money to go it alone and purchase the PD-1.We should hear about a partner before phase IIb begins if they have one.If not they will be going alone and purchasing the PD-1 for the combo trials.

    • You punish yourself needlessly. In a stock like this patience is the key word and your "a few months" is horribly short-sighted. Think in terms of the next six months or longer and settle down to that kind of waiting for a reward that will make you glad you did. The partnership, surely something discussed in many boardrooms by now might take place tomorrow or next year depending on the meeting of minds required in this sort of negotiation. If the "acquirer" won't ante up what the CEO demands then unto the next one. If our CEO wishes to progress on his own for much larger future shareholder benefits, so be it but your short term outlook is not good for your mental health.

    • No one can give you a 100% answer, the company has not made a statement, and as of yet the offering has not completed (on or about Jun 6th). The company should issue a PR at the time the offering closes, and then I expect a PR to explain the offering/announce partnership (again, my opinion). A PR won't be done till the offering does in fact close.
      Now gleaning from the 8k and prospectus there are several expansions of R&D that have not been discussed by the company, and to my knowledge was the first time any investors had heard of it. You can look through yesterday's messages to find about this, its easy enough to locate.
      GLT, and I think this puts ONCS in a much better position than previous thought

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