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  • meekmill51 meekmill51 Jun 11, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    The Partnership

    If you trick yourself into believing that a partnership is eminent, not only are you hurting yourself, you are also hurting the company. If a partnership was eminent, would Oncosec choose to dilute its shares in a direct offering? Sure it looks nice to bring on instituional investors, but just like any institutional investor they could have bought their shares on the open market; instead Oncosec chose to sell shares, raise capital, and finance operations for the interim, hereby raising their float to a staggering 220 million. The belief that these investors somehow make the stock more valuable is laughable; no different than me saying since Mensa owns oncosec it is all of the sudden a great company.

    If you want to make a quick buck it's not going to happen. Oncosec has great data, great support, great leadership, and cash. These are the facts of the case. To tell you anything else would be a smoke screen that disguises what this company really is.

    BE IN THIS COMPANY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. I'm sick of hearing all the bs

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    • First of all, a company does a direct sale of stock for the money in order to further, in this case, research and not to dilute their the market price which to management shouldn't be much of an issue. They don't choose to dilute but to raise needed capital. They would even do it if a partnership were imminent since it is likely they have a number of opportunities open for more research. Dilution is a market cap redistribution over more shares. The new issue actually added book value to your shares not unlike what earnings would have done. The new issue was to improve the future operations of Oncosec which has noting to do with the short term PPS or whether or not a partnership is immanent. Their future prospects are even better now. They wanted more working capital and they got it. Floating 220M shares is nothing compared to Pfizer with billions of shares floating. Try to understand managements objectives and not what the market for the stock is going to do. It is about future growth not the PPS.

    • Yeah, that partnership is getting further and further away from reality to be honest. Wishers and hopefuls can dream all they want but this thing is turning out the wrong way. I will also assure you that an RS is more imminent in the near term than that partnership we dream so long about. When I started we only had 50mil shares (about 3.5 years) ago and now this thing won't even budge anymore with decent action. Thanks for pointing out reality as we see it and not wishy washy opinions.

    • Key word is partnership, not buy out. As a microcap, you want institutional investors. In partnership negotiations, you won't reek of desperation if you have money in the coffer. Institutional investors validate your company as something worthy, and attracts the attention of other MMs. Which we all want. And hopefully, the Institutional investor can bring some needed experience to help the microcap navigate difficulties as well.

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    • 220 mil. is not staggering

    • oncs_betterthan_ino_toldya oncs_betterthan_ino_toldya Jun 11, 2014 4:32 PM Flag

      You mean imminent not eminent-:)

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