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  • lopopswz lopopswz Jun 17, 2014 7:00 AM Flag

    Devils advocate

    1st I'm long so hold your dumb posts!

    So if this stock is such a lock, why haven't partnerships or just a plain old buyout come to play? How come name brand analysts have started coverage?

    My point is that nothing is guaranteed so people jeering that this is the best buy point or the lowest it's ever going to go are being short sighted. You should always ask questions of the investments you own.

    Does anyone know why they haven't reversed stock split yet? 200 million shares is kinda silly. It will be hard to crack a dollar without monster news.

    I will gladly take 3,500 shares at 5.60! I think if they up listed and did that, the stock takes off

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    • ya good questions to ask, always. I have many many shares, but I am realistic. Last time I presented a less than perfectly optimistic viewpoint, I was attacked by someone claiming I was "dangerous" and shouldn't be investing if I didn't realize what I lock this was and how many catalysts wee coming up. That was when the stock was in the 70s/80s, and part of the comment was along the lines of like this stock has spent 2 days below 0.70 in the last 4 months, how likely is it going to go below that now???

      So we see .....nothing is guaranteed, except for MB idiot blind fanboy pumpers

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      • chester, you will always have the "true believers" who may in the end be profitable, but more from luck than skill. If you look at PVCT (I seem to be stuck on them for some reason) you'll see people believing all the way from $6 to . 38 Ultimately, if you make money it does not matter if you made all that you could have.
        “I will tell you my secret if you wish. It is this: I never buy at the bottom and I always sell too soon.” – Baron Rothschild

    • You know what's silly, MNKD has 389 million shares outstanding. That did not stop that stock from going up. Its the science that matters.

    • Lop, I agree you need to ask those questions, but I also think you have to be very honest with where ONCS is in its development. It is at a point where most institutions are watching closely but probably will not buy until phase 2 is complete and/or phase 2b starts. So a r/s, or up listing would serve no purpose right now. 200m shares is not really that much, and won't prevent pps from going higher. Not that I like the stock, but if you look at pvct, they have 200m shares hit a high of $6 this year, and only have a completed phase 2. So hitting $2-3 this year organically is doable. Also if you look at RXII, you can see that their r/s and uplist actually took 40-50% of stock price away. So without something to drive the price up, you just have more room to fall.
      Will it happen? I don't know, Should it happen? I don't know that either. But it is not time for it right now.

    • My humble opinion only but in the matter of "where is the reverse stock split" can I comment. I feel that when a company is struggling to survive and as such shows no earnings at all such as our ONCS, that is not the time to employ that tactic. BECAUSE..for ex. if you have a fifty-cent stock with no EPS that is one reason it is at fifty-cents. Now you do a r/v of 1-10 and all of a sudden you have a $5 stock WITH NO EPS. My good man that stock price is in serious trouble. But if you could have earned say just a nickel in my example now after the r/v you have a $5 stock with earnings of 50 cents and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, of course other elements may come into play such as sudden good news and a higher price ensues but my example stands I hope on simple math. Earnings =then r/v=sustainable price.

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