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  • splicerdog splicerdog Jun 27, 2014 8:21 PM Flag

    time to vent

    I'm mad as hell for those of you who still say this will see pps movement soon as in up tick, where the hell are the buyers, I sold twitter for this ! losing 20k asco mean't nothing when the hell does this turtle move I must say my patience is running out, everyday its the same #$%$ red red red or barely in the green I feel like one big sucker right now not much longer' enough already how many days now we keep hoping for a big bump only to be left in the dust day after day this stock is unreal, shorts are winning sorry to say

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    • most of my portfolio is oncs, and spec biotech generally because the upside is so great and im only interested in significant gains.

      this is the cost of playing biotech. it is hard to say what oncs is truly valued since its trials are on-going. i think at 150 million it is fairly valued, but could hit 250ish if data is good, maybe even 300 million who knows. my average is below .50 so im not terribly worried, but i am bummed i didnt sell at .97 that would hve been smart. im ignoring yahoo MB since the advice they give is weak and shallow

    • splicer. I wont argue with you. I'm in many ways feeling the same. I expected ONCS to perform much better than it has in the last couple months. However my investments have been tested in fire before, my decisions have been made in fear and through emotions, and looking back I have realized how much I lost in profit when I should have had huge gains.
      I'm ticked that post ASCO we did not see/ capitalize on the pop that happened. I'm upset about the dilution, I'm upset about the short term loss of over 25% that I've suffered.
      I see a company that is doing everything right, I see no negatives, I see growth, world class researchers, great data, and an amazing future. somewhere there is a disconect, either in my reserarch, or in the company.
      I can't see it in either, so maybe its just in the market. I hope that someone will point out the fault I'm missing, till then I assume the market is just being the disfunctional self it always is

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