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  • furbush87 furbush87 Jun 30, 2014 7:44 PM Flag

    I have to wonder

    How many share holders have actually done enough DD, that understand the science and the strategy going on to fully understand what ONCS is and has the potential to be?
    At ASCO 3 large pharma stole the show, BMY, AZN, and MK. They stole the show with a revolutionary new class of drug, anti PD1 and PDL1. I won't get into the science of what it does, but you should look it up and understand it for yourself. Basically (I'll use the expression Tremor used on IHUB), they hit the brakes on a tumors ability to resist the immune system. They work effectively on about 35-40% of all patients with Tumors. Any drug company that wants to be relevant in the cancer treatment drug development circles will need to be doing combo trials with one of these 2 new classes of drugs. Look it up, see that what I'm saying is correct.
    Now along comes a little no one micro cap company with a "failed" drug (IL12) and a "failed" technology (electroporation). Both are over 20 years old, both have failed individually, but some how miraculously when put together you have an effective delivery system for a very toxic drug that now is not toxic. What this drug does is open the door to allow PD1 to work in the other 60% of the tumors (in theory, P2b will prove this).
    You should really understand this because.
    Imagine the 2 most revolutionary anti cancer drugs out there today, that every relevant anti cancer phama company will need to partner with, is only 40% effective. Till its teamed up with micro cap, "failed" technology ONCS. Now suddenly its not 40% but 90%. For every solid tumor cancer known to man (I'm looking forward many years now). Maybe it can even help non solid tumors? Anything that would have a PD1 or PDL1 prescribed could potentially have IL12 combined with it. This is why its a Golden Egg.
    Yes this is years off, but every stage proves the theory further, will bring in more buyers, more partners, more money. You guys are the lucky ones who got in early

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    • just got to bump this up. seems DD is getting drowned

    • well the clowns are at it again, "failed technology", but they won't say why its failed technology. My guess is there part of the few that things scientific development ceased to make progress back when TV was invented. News flash guys, we have color, digital, and flat screens now.
      And of course everyone knows that 2 years till FDA approval, so the stock could not possibly move between now and then. Nope, nothing to see here folks.
      Come on ontop. Get on top of things, give us a real negative. You keep bashing with half truths. Try a full truth, maybe take a swig of scotch or brand afterward to get the bad taste out of your mouth

    • I have to admit, I don't completely understand exactly what they have patented. It still sounds like a metal stick into the tumor. Electrical current. Inject somebody elses drug. Then they patented the process. Well process is very vague. I bought the stock based on their Phase II interm results. I was able to read and get an understanding of that. Concerning the patent position, I am hoping you guys are correct in that their patents defend their position. This will be key in partnering up with a big player. I'll take another crack at understanding their patent defense later.

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    • Fortunately we have furbush!!!! I have to say, I have learned a whole lot about ONCS from furbush. I have done my DD but a good deal of it was following what furbush posted on this MB. Now many would say it is foolish to take advice or make decisions based on somebody posting on a MB. Quite true but in this case it's the exception to the rule. Thank you for the generosity you have given to us furbush. I think ONCS will be a great success. It's going to take time but how often do you get to invest in a company that is an actual game changer? Not often in my case. I'll be patient as I know what is at stake for those that have been stricken with cancer. My hope is that this could be the break through we are now experiencing with ONCS. Embrace it, as I think this is a once in a life time opportunity!!!!

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    • I won't actually respond directly to the fools that keep claiming ONCS is failed technology, but I will address that here.
      Electroporation "failed" when used to treat cancer by itself because, though it would damage the tumor, while doing so it would cause parts of the tumor to break off and spread throughout the body. If only there was some kind of drug that cause a systemic response to prevent that spreading.....and of course we all know that technology never changes or improves. Bill Gates was just a really good sales man for all the suckers.
      IL12, a failed drug which had some pretty serious SAE's, extremely toxic and was never really viable as a treatment because of it. If only there was a way to reduce the dosage while increasing efficacy. Something that could open a tumor up and allow the drug to penetrate..... Its really is too bad that there electroporation device is such a failure, because that's exactly what it does..... guess we should all just give up and go back to the stoneage of chemotherapy.

    • EXCELLENT post furbush! You nailed it!!!!

    • Thanks Fur, yes some of us have been here since the very first dilution ions ago and well remain here till the fa t lady sings her blues away. Gl all.

    • fur as usual excellent info .. thank you for sharing your thoughts .. .. i also work many hours and its hard to dedicate the time and effort to research a company .. it takes alot of work .. before i started buying in at 46 cents i read every article i could get my hands on .. i like the fact we have a young ceo .. theres fire in his belly and he working hard to get oncs to positive cash flow statice .. it will come .. another was pierce comming on board .. a talented man in bio...why leave a cushy position with a mega pharma to research immunopulse with a micro with 10 employees .. { then not now }.... this guy knows something.. weather its understood or not he on to something big .. my only hope is when the data comes out the fda has the balls to do the right thing and fast track oncs treatment to start saving lives .. and not bogg us down with some bs because big pharma is paying them to slow us down, so they can compete and steal our thunder .... my investment turned a little red last couple weeks but not worried in the least . .... stay long and prosper .. thanks again fur

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      • oil, you ever heard of scam biotech quadrupling their staff? Earlier this month they had 25 employees with 15 open postions.
        I know what its like to work and invest and try to keep up. Glad I'm helping, hope it all works out for all our sakes. The nice thing for you, is that you don't live off your profits. I'm down a bit this month, so I'm trying to squeak by till end of July to withdraw for living expense. Hopefully ONCS be back to .80 by then

    • So when you start complaining, worrying, or anything else about ONCS and the 25% drop in price this month, I want you to stop and think about what you are invested in, why you invested in it. If you don't know, or can not remember, I challenge you to research this and understand what ONCS is, and has the potential to be. If you choose to pursue other stocks, that's fine, but ask yourself first, how far can ONCS go? How much % can you make by sticking it out? 100%, 200%, 500%? How about 1000%?
      How many drug companies do you think will want to be a part of ONCS? How many partners? How long are you willing to wait for them to get everything set up for success?
      I'll tell you my answers. On Avg I get about 40% a year return on my investments. I see no reason why ONCS won't outperform that by multiples right now (if I change my mind on that I'll post and give reason). ONCS isn't just my best investment right now, its my safest one. A double is, in my mind, guaranteed, in the next 6 months.
      So I've done my DD, will continue to do so. I encourage you to do the same, especially when there are those so actively trying to scare you out of what will probably prove to be the single best investment many of you will find.

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      • fur - what else do you invest in? I've got CLDX GALE IDRA INO SNTA ELTP and others in my portfolio. You? GLTA

      • Amen fur. ONCS is simply the best risk/reward in biotech at this current level. The downside from here is very minimal whereas the upside can't be defined. Worst case the upside is a solid 100%- 200% based on Immunopulse as a monotherapy. Best case it's in the multiple thousands of percent if it's proven that Immunopulse indeed does turn non-responders into responders an increase the effectiveness of the anti-PD-1's as you suggest.

        There is simply no other place I'd want the bulk of my money right now. The short term turbulence is disappointing only on the surface, it's also an incredible opportunity to steal shares at an amazing discount. Literally every single penny of my disposable income is going into ONCS at this point in time and will continue to do so until the market cap reflects the fair value of the company. While of course I'm frustrated at where we're trading, I'm also very excited because this time next year I'll be holding a lot more shares than I ever anticipated being able to hold, and I'm very confident that the PPS in 2015 will still be where most of us predicted it would back in March/April, $3+ at a minimum.

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