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  • mikehsu99 mikehsu99 Aug 24, 2006 8:35 PM Flag

    MRVL To Spin Off Xscale?

    I guess sooner or later Sehat will spin off Xscale and admit he made a mistake. He'll let Xscale die out there and save MRVL's ass. Having said that, MRVL will still take a huge hit and struggle for a while.

    I think it'll take maybe a year or two before this happens. But those MRVL managers are ruthless.... maybe this will happen sooner.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    • i don't know how you guys think that XScale purchase is bad for Marvell when you also admitted that the management team is very shrewd. Make up your fu@king mind and stop posting your stupid ass comments. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    • Rumored within INTC, or within INTC and the companies that it works with(MRVL being one of those), or when it was announced to the public?

      INTC made the announcement of MRVL's aquistion 22 days after saying it was going to dump some lines to focus on it's core biz. The INTC deal was in the works for a lot longer than 22days. Those that have speculated about product's pilot line testing to this being a rich boys whimsical flip of cash to either destroy his company or trying to purchase revenue due to the failing organic growth, is all pretty much noise to me. MRVL has partnerships with INTC and INTC works closely with MRVL. MRVL has designed chips for many applications for other companies. That's what they do. I feel Sehat had his eyes on Xscale for some time. Sehat is cunning, shrewd, obviously intelligent and has a bit of knowledge as to IC design and how to run a business. It will probably take longer than the first Tuesday after deal finalizes at the beginning of their 4th qtr, but I feel that this Xscale move to be an incredible asset to MRVL. Remember back to the previous ER conference. I believe it was in May. Sehat and CFO Hervey mentioned, but declined to discuss MRVL's upcoming movement into the cellphone biz. Hmmp? I wonder what they were talking about?

    • Do you know how long has it been rumored that INTL was gonna sell XSCALE? 22 days?

    • what an idiot

      why do you talk to ibm and miocrosoft who are getting cheap stupid labor in idia to do programming for them for $10/hr

      but you have live with a stinking software

    • Read the Phobes article yourself. MRVL bought the Xscale divison 22 days after Intel put it in the market.

      That's why it's obvious that MRVL didn't do any fancy fab tests that you mentioned before they went ahead to buy this division.

      And no offense on you Chinese engineers. No need to be so protective and offensive. Especially when you are stealing jobs from the Americans.

    • Pls do not be so naive to tell me that MARVL made a deal with Intel for a business of hundreds of millions dollars in 22 days. The evaluation of the product has been going on for more than that before the final deal was closed. You did not sound like a businessman in that respect .

    • Ha Ha, You will probably be surprised that kids just graduate from school in China can design very advanced CPU , and probably that is the reason why Intel decide to give up its CPU, because it knows that it can not compete. Even AMD needs to work together with Chinese designers. The CPU design is nothing advanced , its all about architectures, and it all digital, well, there are people who are much smarter than you who can design much advanced architecture. So, do not be too confident about yourself , or , I will say too arrogant. There are always be people who are much smarter than you. Am I a QA engineer ? your guess. As to the compability of process, CPU is all digital , process variation is not that sensitive to the analog circuit, I believe you know that with your little knowledge about process. Be prepared, as a CPU designer, as you claimed, you may not have a job in three to five years.

    • just read what forbes said about mrvl stupid

      u driving a truck look what they did in the past 5 years while u playing with urself

    • That piece of junk and antique is not Xscale chips. It's what's being dumped by INTC and what all the people who post here want MRVL to lay off and dump again...... Sorry. Just facts.

    • OK. In plain English. MRVL bought a piece of [[ junk ]] and antique. Now we have to see how they turn this old machine around.

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