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  • o.investor o.investor Jan 17, 2012 9:53 AM Flag

    short at will

    the trend is your friend -

    took a short position at 15, I think this is headed to 13 before earnings.

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    • If I had any shares I'd dump/cover now and wait until income statement. Might turn out to not be worth shorting soon. Looks like funds feel decreasing profits or something.

    • oh come on - you should know better. 4-days ago MRVL was heavily marketing its Google TV news at CES. that caused the run-up to 16. However, institutional investors were using that run-up to dump their holding. Hence, stock stalled even with 3x - 4x share volume. That is classic distribution and is now almost back where it started.

      I don't believe there is much of any manipulation going on - the short interest on MRVL is at a historic low.

      I am going to continue playing MRVL short hedged with long BRCM.

    • MRVL is not a stock invesors like, so it will never get the same valuations as BRCM or QCOM.
      That's nothing new. The only thing that could change that sentiment is outstanding earnings for at least 2 quarters in a row. And that is probably too much to ask. But still a buy below 15$. That's my opinon.

    • And 3-4 days ago they felt otherwise ???!!!! very manipulated stock.. that's all. can be easily played between $14 to $18. That's the bottom line. Business is fine, Thailand is old news, competition is as usual, the mood swings every day. At this price it is a strong buy for $18 I will have to rethink based on data. But I still think it is involved in several areas, always some bad news in one of them, influncing price

    • I don't believe that anymore - I think the market senses weakness in MRVL product portfolio.

      Look at MRVL analyst estimates - they have declining earnings even beyond this qtr.

      MRVL will not be afforded a PE like BRCM, QCOM etc.

      MRVL is more like Freescale of yesteryear. Sutardja's can take the company private or, undertake a PE buyout if they feel it can be turned around.

    • The flooding will certainly have a negative impact on MRVL's earnings. All the rest will be better then expected. So, it's just a matter of how much lower HDD production there was. I think the worst predictions are in today's PPS. Anything better will make MRVL fly into the 17$ to 18$ range. WDC and INTC earnings will be a first indication.

    • Nothing new...but obviously affecting some mentioned today NVDA, OVTI, MRVL and SPRD ........ for MRVL it is a relatively small part of business ... and yes there has always been competition there. Just an opportunity to buy some cheap. This "news" will be a non event when they report.

    • covered at 14.65 for now - thank you

    • massive liquidation underway. Its clear that institutional investors are dumping at every uptick.

      longs should be careful as MRVL is a value trap. it looks good until you are start digging deeper.

      Reality is that MRVL as a company was 3rd tier in every segment other than HDD. HDD is a declining business and will be overtaken by SSD in a few years. I grant that they kicked butt in HDD business.

      Every other segment that MRVL has chased - wireless, networking, video, application processor etc. they have been relegated to 3rd tier after some initial success. The main reason is that MRVL never really understood the value of quality software like BRCM and QCOM did.

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