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  • carpet.bomber carpet.bomber Nov 9, 2012 8:11 PM Flag

    Possible Good News; SUKHI NAGESH

    What are the odds that the investor relations department Suki what the h ever his name is knows the numbers before they're released? I'd say if he does know then there's a fairly good chance the bottom is in. Here's my rational.

    I called Investor Relations and left an angry message with a few choice words but no call back number. He called me back. After a short conversation, in which I did not lose my temper or use choice words and explained I was down a certain percent, he told me "SELL YOUR GD STOCK". I told him pfft, that's some investor relations.

    I figure if he's so PO'd at me for my message then he's not wishing me good advice to sell here so it could be the upcoming quarter isn't as bad as feared. That or he's just a lazy j/a that doesn't want to do his job and has a temper.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • if he did raise his voice or curse at you, he should lose his job over it. too bad you didn't save or record the call. the problem is most employees won't post on message boards (at least with their name) so they won't get fired. they are the ones who know to buy or sell. and unless you know someone, it's a cr ap shoot.

      I worked for a firm and was told by my boss about some business decision (he saw/read it in business week). I posted this as good news on the net and got into an arguement with someone who was like 5 levels higher than me in another site. He turned me into corp legal and by my handle (it was one letter off from my name so it was easy for them to find me), they raised one commotion. The deal was that it was in business week a few weeks earlier by some IR person but most of the execs didn't know it. So I had to go out and buy a business week and find the quote or I was fired. My coworkers said they hoped I was fired as I had one hell of a lawsuit on my hands and would win big. I finally left due to other reasons but people won't post here as they know better (and I do now too). LOL

    • of course he knows. I bet he had an indian accent too. MRVL has major problem in hiring qualified competent people. It seems they go cheap.
      They hired this idiot and Hosein. Both come from bankrupt companies.

      I was king of suprised at his answer. Obviously he is not a professional. he should be FIRED.

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      • He was po'd because in my voice mail I asked if they going to warn again, were shorting their own stock with the buyback, and waiting to pull an Enron till next week. When he called me I was quite relaxed and he threatened to track me down and sue me for my message. I have it on voice recording him saying "Sell Your GD Stock". I'd love to see him as investor relations VP bring me to court for a few dirty words then admit that he told me that. He wishes me the ill-est of will. He sounded like a snake with a lot of hiss when he said Sell it. He wishes on his enemy to sell now and he knows the numbers. I think that's a good indication the stock has bottomed. I told him I'd sue him for calling me and cussing me and that I didn't need to track him down by his number because I already know where he's at. He hung up.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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