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  • savvyblood savvyblood Jul 11, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    ▼ Strong Sell ½ off soon ▼

    SAFETY issues will come out in addition to the LACK of performance improvement. GTXI will have to show how the hearts androgen receptors are spared the SARM's effects. News flash they are not spared.... Also the company has not been straight up Oxandrolone is mostly anabolic just like a SARM. Oxandrolone is also now sold generically so why would insurance companies go with SARM's that do NOTHING more than Oxandrolone can already FACT.

    A specialist on the endocrine system to include androgen receptor said this: The SARM developed by GTXI is NOT as effective as Oxandrolone. The SARM will also cost more.

    Dilution coming soon as well GTXI is burning cash at an unsustainable rate.

    Wedbush.... is a paid pumper for others who are long. (my opinion) Talk about BS to get small fish to buy while his buddies abandon ship before the real sinking.

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    • savvyblood,

      While it is entertaining watching you try desperately to spread fear I feel the need to tell you it isnt working (even with your new approach of posting with little symbols in the title).

      Your only hope was Adam F's article, and only one day later the stock has bounced back a third. Why? Because people know his article is full of lies. Kind of like you only he is better at it. Mark my words this will be back at $7 before results are released.

      My question to you, since your so concerned with the safety; is why didnt adam mention anything about your supposed androgen receptors issue in his article when he clearly was rattling off every negative thing his small brain could think of? The answer is because even he is smart enough to realize that people wont believe that.

      It has been proven multiple times that it is a non issue. It has also been proven in EIGHT, thats right 8, yes OCHO trials that it has a clean safety profile. This has also been explained to you multiple times but you never respond. You ignore those responses. Do you not think other people read those responses? That is why your bashing does not work. You dont make sense, but again, you have to have some brain cells to think up a decent lie, which you clearly dont have.

      I feel bad for you, at least when Adam bashes a stock it has an affect. You on the other oh my. A sad life you live.

      Please, make me your exception to ignoring the truth and respond with the biggest, best lie you can think of to refute my claims. You had your shot to cover your short after adam released the article (all adams short buddies covered, which was the point of the article, but you didnt grasp that), you missed your chance. Less

    • ill trust the analyst that has a PhD in Biochemistry from Berkeley that has a $9 price target than a poster on a message board

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • ahpinvestmentz,

        Try to understand this: There are no currently approved treatments for cancer cachexia, but not for lack of trying. Over the years, several different classes of drugs, including Oxandrolone and testosterone, have been tried but none have demonstrated a significant clinical benefit. The challenge is finding a drug that will both increase muscle mass and improve muscle performance or function.

        Since Oxandrolone is more anabolic than this SARM and can't do it.... failure is coming.

        My opinion and the opinion of the article that tanked this from $7

        Try to understand this !!!! I know it's hard for you !!!!!

    • Who is your unnamed "specialist on the endocrine system to include androgen receptor"? Name him.

    • Is this an unnamed specialist (like AF's unnamed source) or are you going to name him so we can due our own research on him?

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