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  • ajdoha234 ajdoha234 Nov 21, 2013 8:48 AM Flag

    Zacks has upgraded the stock

    Several things I find interesting. Why is Zacks even looking at this stock? hmmmmmm. What has bought it to their attention?
    The most confounding thing that I CANNOT figure out is why 30% of the float is short. Absolutely astounding for a subpar 5 dollar stock. Who the hell shorts a 1.53 stock? I would love an informed answer. Why havent the shorts covered yet? #$%$ are they waiting for? A dollar down so they can make that dollar money? Makes no sense! the risk to reward ratio to short this is ridiculous. What if GTXI comes out next week and says that both EMEA and FDA have accepted the results? Can you imagine a 30% short position ?? On top of the fact that insiders have gobbled up the shares since it went down.
    There are not alot of shares left on the market. Something very weird is going on here. Id be more comfortable if I was in the stock and not the options so I could just wait it out but this whole scenario makes me nervous, but this could turn into a MONSTER play of the decade if the shorts get caught. Its almost like they want to get caught.
    It would be like when Porsche burned their shorts on VW. They allowed a huge short position, while quietly buying up all the shares thru secret transactions, and literally bankrupted the shorts when the price started rising and the shorts got margin called on VW stock making it the most valuable company in the world for a week or two. One German billionaire even killed himself over it. Google "Porsche short squeeze". Anyway, I would not short a 1.55 stock that has possibly huge news coming out. Even with no news or bad news comes out this isnt going much further down. Anyway, just rambling but god, I hope this short position gets absolutely murdered!

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