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  • dilution_solution_provider dilution_solution_provider May 23, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    Yes!!!!!!!! A "webcast!"

    The investment community is going to on a GTXI buying FRENZY due to the HUGE news about the company's upcoming webcast. How innovative!

    I imagine the brilliant minds at GTXI are going have slide after slide after slide after slide... detailing GTXI's "promising pipeline."

    If you have any questions, however, please do not ask about the recent "departure" of the CEO and CSO, or about shareholder crushing dilutive financings, okay?

    Oh, and please do NOT ask about why the company keeps failing to deliver, and the stock subsequently plummeting.

    GTXI management would like to keep the presentation positive.


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    • EOM? He'll no... What makes you say that? These types of pumps are no better than junk that short posts.

    • Another alias hey stinky? lol

    • There are only two or three investors here... Why do you always post here like it's your job? Do you invest in other companies and post on their message boards or are you just obsessed with GTXI? Let me know your history with his company so I can try and understand your agenda.

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      • This is his job. He’s a flunky for a hedge fund. He originally showed up here as “squirrel _ fever”, pumping the stock to go to the teens. The name on the computer he uses is” Rocky”. Many aliases including, “meet_me_at_the_flamingo”.
        Now he spews meaningless BS as if a speculative bio is supposed to perform like AAPL.
        The fact remains that the guidance hasn’t changed and the insiders haven’t sold a share. In fact, the actions taken by the board are exactly what you should see when a company prepares to transfer into a manufacturing company. They hired experts to deal with the EMA and are preparing warrants ahead of the need. Anybody else wonder why they issued warrants when they have enough cash to get through the first Q of 2015? In speculation, the next step would be to bring an exec from Merck.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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