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  • raretobeh Feb 9, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    mrmrsrsmm2 we all know you're a sicko but more importantly we all know you are a DOPE


    That works overtime to delete any CONTENT of Information about this stock.

    I guess you wet your pants with excitement when JASO went down posting nonstop.

    Well Idiot JASO ended the day flat CAME RIGHT BACK UP IN LATE AFTERNOON!

    Yeah we had a fude because I called you a fake which you are. Before you came here Dec. 4'th 2011 with the other ID mrmrsrsm before Yahoo banned you & you were bashing YGE you were saying they were cooking the books. One Thing You are Sick and Stupid and anyone that replies in unisome to your posts are the same....

    You have presented yourself like an idiot and that's what we all think of you that are real.

    Your Stupid postings are like a boiler room posters full of NOTHING............

    You're a complete IDIOT!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • So let me get this straight. I am ragged by U because I have 2 Ids with the same name, NOT hiding. But U have countless Ids in order to hide and fool everyone.

      I speak the truth on JASO and have been right on every call. You post lies all the time, searching the internet to find bogus upbeat articles about solar written by authors working for hedge funds and u post ONLY THE POSITiVE in your effort to skew the whole story about solar and/or JASO, leaving out the truth (all the negatives) in your endless effort to PUMP THIS STOCK .... and you deem yourself as providing useful information? Information that is one sided and skewed to PUMP JASO?

      You are a hypocrite, you MFKIN MAGGOT!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Everyone here hates u MAGGOT. Ask urself why? Because you try and bully people off the board when they dont agree with you and if they speak the truth about JASO. It didnt work with me huh MAGGOT? Your posts get deleted for a reason. You will be held accountable for over 2 years of pumping and lying about JASO in you attempts to get readers to buy so that you can benefit.

      You have countless Ids on this board and you want to make issue because I had 3? Both of which contain my original ID? My IDs got cancelled because you cried like a whinny lil brat to Yahoo! when you got some of your won medicine. I bet that is typical of you coward behavior, typical of a BULLY when slapped down to the ground !!! Coward MFKIN MAGGOT!

      Sentiment: Hold

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