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  • raretobeh Feb 10, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    mrmrsrsmm2 is STUPID & WHY!

    Pyscho got so excited yesterday when for a second only to be deceived. Mrmrsrsmm2 is losing in its short postion. Shorted more on 12/10/2012 (R/S date) & has Lost every bit of the short profit gained from where the stock was 12/2011. The dumaz added at $3.40 R/S & it didn't pay Instead of mrmrsrsmm2 accepting it as a bad decision made.

    The poster bullies on a daily basis & deletes all messages with any content or made by someone Long in the stock. Being Short to Long can be no different than being Long once the tables turn. You must accept fate and know when conditions change.

    To end this masquerade I believe we could all write into Yahoo.I know that none of us care for our posts being deleted. I know some of you only posted perhaps 2 or 3 times ever on this board & you have history from other board. WE MUST REPORT ABUSE and complain about this poster that has gone overboard and about how ALL posts with content or just being written by a long are being deleted!

    The poster (mrmrsrsmm2) apparently has numerous ID's. It takes several to delete a post by turning them in as spam. WE NEED TO GET RID OF MRMRSRSMM2 PYSCHOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ^^^ that is precisely why this MAGGOT is hated on this board. The dummy assumes everyone is short if they hate this POS company and its thieving reverse split deals.

      FOR the record, I only attack you ... no one else and u know that. You attacked first several times and u know that TOO! You are the BOARD TROLL AND BULLY and everyone here knows it!

      TRYING TO BLAME me will never work, everyone here knows all about you :))

      Your posts are getting deleted because we are all sick of you, your lies, your attacks, your daily pumps ... WE ALL HATE YOU..... you are in the corner all by yourself MAGGOT!!!

      I love that you give me ALL THE CREDIT :))

      MAGGOT, you are the only one here with multiple IDs and you have been called out on it and BUSTED many times.

      Raretobeh, pierp, betyacandance, wolfdoggy12, wiliamdavis721, grandsfive, yvonne, pierpinsides and many many more. YOU use many IDs daily on many boards as you pump the stocks you get paid for. NO ONE ELSE HERE has so many IDs and uses them to PUMP and attack posters..... ONLY YOU, MAGGOT!

      I have 3 Ids used on the board... mrmrsrsm, mrmrsrsm2 and mrmrsrsmm2, all of which are almost exactly the same so that posters know its me. The only reason I had to create 2 new ones is because you CIRED like a 2 year old to Yahoo! moderators about my postings.... YOU CAN DISH IT OUT BUT CANT TAKE IT... just like a typical coward BULLY.... POS MFKIN MAGGOT!

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