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  • xtraderx xtraderx Jun 12, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    JASO was always the best short play.

    Every long here is victimized and you were worned several times, longs but you believe in the raretubeh, wolfdoggy, Yvonne, atc. pumping who takls of Japan higher ASP and 10 times better Q1. Don't be fooled by her. She is experienced long/short, short/long player.

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    • Lets see I don't know who you're talking about!

      But I was the only one on this Board that said JA would easily beat earnings. I said the number for them to beat was set to low.
      I also said Solarzooms data showed JA's 1'st Qtr. in Japan to be strong. I even copied the article and posted it.
      But Xtraderx is a smartaz and he doesn't care about facts. All the time Bashing JA the entire year and last year. Even positing that JA was a POS on Sunday the day before JA's Earning annoucement!


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      • So u got something right for the fist time in 3 years? WOW! NOT an impressive track record huh MAGGOT? I knew you would try to make the Q1 look like a dream and claim credit too, but the FACT IS that JASO beat by a few pennies, but the loss for the quarter was still HUGE ... proving that JASO cannot reach profitability because they are selling every panel at below cost (what a stupid business plan huh?)

        Maggot, what about all the other times when u pumped JASO to the moon and they MISSED BY A MILE...and you had JASOCOCK shoved balls deep in your mouth for so many quarters, you MFKIN PUMPING POS MAGGOT????

      • "Now Who's the POS? XTRADERX IS THAT WORKS EVERY SOLAR BOARD AND DOESN'T KNOW CHET!" I predicted all this down move which will continue tomorrow and on Monday.

      • If you remember cited Nomura data from the first upgrade and the second upgrade at $9.86. I believed that JASO may beat expectations because when WS puts their expectations lower the results are "better-than-expected" easily (don't forget JASO is losing 85 cents only Q1 with the super sells in Japan and the 10x better Q1 than Q1 2012).You don't want to see that JASO is the most manipulated solar stock because you participate in the manipulation. That explain your agressivity to people that protest here. I am not in other boards.

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