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    • Jop. Thanks for posting that about the CEO. On the one hand the guy had a great deal of success and experience

      and accolades in his past, but, then that failure at that one company. I think the issue is always "what have you done

      for me lately", where lately, it has been pretty dubious. Yet I can see both sides of the story, that Clearwire spoiled

      the cash cow the company was expecting, and they could not find enough replacement customers. Now as a last ditch

      to grow meaningfully, they gambled on this Nokia Siemens partnership. So, as goes Nokia Siemens, so goes DW.

      It appears that the Board is going to go with this CEO for better or worse. I guess the bottom line is which CEO hits

      the future finish line, the winner CEO or the loser CEO.

    • This is my impression from reading the article. He was not much of a student. He left Nortel without being asked to stay or promoted. He failed as CEO of Innovance when given a chance. As CEO of DW, his only accomplishment was procurement a cotract with clwr. The one thing he is excellent at is raising money from the market. As far as stock buyback goes, I believe you might be mistaken. These guys were cashing in their options during the period of 2009-2011. They made millions during that period. For a CEO, buying 1k of shares every month is not what I would consider confidence in your company. Just my 2c..

    • Just a little drop of 40% since July 10th...

      GDG, you were right ! Sell before the 11th...

      did you?

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      • John: Ouch with the price fall. Ridiculous whiplashing in last few days. Nonsensical. For me, still doing my DCA, buying and selling as I wait for the speculative turnaround story to kick in. I would not be surprised if the stock reaches $2 in this sell off cycle, finds a bottom, bounces. So, then, more DCA and sell on any rallies. How about you? Just warehousing or doing DCA?
        Good luck with whatever you do here.

      • John: Ouch with the price fall. Crazy whiplashing with out any news good or bad from the company. But, no news implies that there is no good news to many people. Maybe this will cycle to $2, and cycle back up to $2.50. There is a lot of whiplashing going on.
        I did some research and found out that CEO Peter Allen is still in charge of overseeing international sales, with sales chiefs in the various offices that report to him. That has been the decision of the company while they are integrating NSN and involved with closing the China part of the NSN deal.

        For me, I see very cheap prices now and good buy points for now and coming up to $2 and just wait it out. Sure, this is a big spec play and risks as has been discussed ad nauseam for a long time now.

        My intent is to still do DCA, and take my spec play chances. How about you?

    • What happened gdg4, somebody gave you laughing gas today???

      Yeah, come Wed and Thursday, either way, it will be gas or laughs--huh....

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