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  • foxeelicious foxeelicious Aug 7, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    DragonWave Case Studies

    This is my first topic post, as I am trying to learn more about the company.

    I hope you can bear with me as I have a question about this topic.

    I came across this link at the DragonWave website:

    These case studies are rather interesting in how DragonWave is seeking expansion into private enterprise

    and public entity contracts. I would agree these are relatively small contracts, as the key for this

    company would be major contracts for telecom wireless companies.

    Yet, if DragonWave is eventually able to develop a greater market in private and public contracts, that

    should help to keep the company moving along in its turn around plans. These kinds of contracts

    it seems to me can be accomplished around the world and not just North America.

    I saw the FCC license postings too, where there are a number of small enterprises that are buying

    into the DragonWave products.

    So, my question is: isn't expansion of this part of the business, if it can happen, a relatively positive

    for the company and its future stock price? Again, I know that it is the telecom side of the

    business that is really the big money, but, isn't this side of the business important, or am I

    missing something on this?

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    • gd& guys are funny clever and creative! My friends say I have a good sense of humor, and I think that is true.

      Working in a hospital needs at times good humor. Also, the same goes for stocking investing.

      Should there be some good luck on this company doing well, then, the laughs here become much more enjoyable.

    • gdg: common, give foxee lady a break and be respectful to her. She says she wants to jump off the DW rollar coaster when it hits the top next year.

      So, lets give her what she wants and work overtime here to help her out, what you do say?

    • your patience will be rewarded grasshopperlicious! Don't waste any more time with the Greedyone... hopefully Timothy James MCD put him in his place and he will never ne heard from again.... what a waste of time!

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      • Foxee, thanks for reminding about these case studies. Interestingly, DW never announced these deals in formal press releases. The last Press Release was about JAB Broadband which
        operates a few internet providers in the USA West/Mid West. Towersteam is a private enterprise that has bought from DW, and Towerstream's business is to sell to businesses internet and data stream delivery services, high speed and high traffic capacity. You can research more on Towerstream, TWER.
        You are basically right that the real important money will be the tier one and two mobile operators that need thousands of micro units. We are hoping that somehow DW will give visibility
        on who are the big customers in the world that they are getting through NSN. That is what I would like to see someday, and sooner the better.
        However, in theory, yeah, if DW can somehow manage to land more of these private and govt deals, here and overseas, then, it can be a sizable piece of business for them, with good
        margins. There was a post by DW that they were seeking a sales manager for private, govt and military sales for the USA. That indicates that they are targeting to gain market share
        in this sector.
        In order for these case studies to be published, it is necessary that the customer gives clearance and approval, which sometimes just will not happen. Not always do businesses and govt want to be involved in endorsing vendors.
        Glad you are around and showing interest here. I apologize that the board here got hit hard lately with some bashing posters. I hope it does not chase you away, as so far it has not chased
        the good serious posters here.

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