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  • sarthur118 sarthur118 Dec 7, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    DRWI and the Indian/Chinese "opportunities"

    anybody who has been even casually following the ebbs and flows of the wireless business knows that India & China represent huge market opportunities. Anybody have any solid reasoning (not just hopes and dreams) to suggest DRWI can win its "fair share" of business over there?



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    • If you bribe the Chinese in some way, tit for tat, they can give business to whomever they want.

      China loves the Germans and Finns, so NSN looks very good to go. After all, China Mobile gave Nokia a super boast with the new Lumia that can operate on the home grown China Mobile network. Apple is still jumping through China Mobile hoops to provide China Mobile phones for its networks. That is one reason for pressure on Apple, is they must, I repeat, must wind up with a deal with China as Apple cannot fail to add China Mobile to its wireless operator list.

      Ballmer and Elop laughing that they got in easy, and Apple is no doubt fretting over this annoyance.

      Huawei will always get the bigger slice over foreign equipement vendors. I would say that NSN has a great shot at respectable and sizable levels of business in 4G LTE in China, but the roll out will be late 2013 and being move fast in 2014, China is trying to expedite 4G LTE according to the latest news I have read.

      DW can of course sell some micros or even JV with some local chinese outfit to produce some micros, as the Chinese wants jobs for their own folks inside the country. My take is that DW has very decent opportunities to participate in meaningful ways.

      We should not forget that Clearwire and China Mobile are partners to develope TDD 4G LTE synergies whether with mobile devices and equipment. That gives DW some exposure to China Mobile to sell some micros, particularly small cells in dense areas, which I think would be Shangahi as a very likely one. After all, the DW China workers can be given some time in the spotlight if they boast that they have some neat small cell micros installed in downtown Shanghai. All very doable!

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    • India is experiencing huge growth in subscriber demand for high-speed 4G mobile broadband and internet services. Bharti Airtel, a leading Indian operator, is banking heavily on this growth, and planning to launch commercial TD-LTE services this year. After a successful trial, the operator selected Nokia Siemens Networks, the no. 1 vendor in the Indian market, to supply and manage a TD-LTE network to deliver services like instant internet access and video streaming.

    • DRWI now has around 100 employees in Shanghai. Chinese companies prefer doing business with other Chinese companies.

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      • 2012-10-25 | China Mobile selects Nokia Siemens Networks for large, multi-city, TD-LTE deployment

        Nokia Siemens Networks is extending its partnership with China Mobile with a new deal for the deployment of TD-LTE in three cities by the end of 2012. The deployment is part of China Mobile’s large-scale pre-commercial trial of its TD-LTE network. Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy its TD-LTE 8-pipe radio and Flexi Multiradio Base Stations. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks will help China Mobile with Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) technology testing in Hangzhou, a technique used to offer voice calls alongside TD-LTE services.

      • Thanks Byron. I hope DRWI's presence there -through NSN I gather- is strong enough to give them good market penetration. Huawei is the 800 lb gorilla over there. And I assume that they will knock off whatever product/technology they like. And since the U.S. Government has effectively shut out Huawei from bidding on many domestic contracts, I wonder how open the Chinese will be to western wireless companies selling to them. But I guess 100 employees is a start.

        thanks and happy holidays,


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