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  • jopocop jopocop Jan 25, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Explanation: Remember the Alamo!

    To my friends and long time fellow posters, my final message here and anywhere at Yahoo is: Remember the Alamo!

    Earlier today I asked two of my trusted employees to take charge for the final combat with the psycho insidious trolls lead by none other than long time Yahoo troll greedyone222.

    I knew that last weekend once greedyone222 was called out for what and who he is, a notorious troll and ringleader of trolls, along with his associates that he has interacted with for ages at Yahoo, that my days would be numbered at the Alamo here at DRWI. General Troll Santa Ana greedyone222 and his overwhelming army had the Alamo surrounded. No different than an enemy superior numbered army surrounded our proud Americans at the WW2 Battle of Bataan, Philippines, or the last Battle of Pork Chop Hill in North Korea. Even I would include the famous battle of Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of the Big Horn in the odds of survival in a place like this with no protection from Yahoo.

    I first began posting here about 3 years ago in order to provide relevant information about this company, the particular sector, other news items of interest in telecom world, including at times some politics and issues on the economy, etc. I followed the rules about trolls, by merely ignoring them and reporting them. On occasion some of these trolls were eliminated, including even greedyone222 was eliminated at one point by Yahoo. I often mentioned that people should freely decided to go long or short or be on the side lines. I often mentioned that this company was only for those that enjoyed a high beta stock and could afford to wait and deal with the risks. I did very, very well with this company with the timing component to figure out the moves and swings. Also, my other portfolio of stocks have been excellent performers and I have had 45 years of stock investing experience starting as a teenager. I have owned several very successful businesses and engaged in real estate commercial investments. So, I feel that I know very well how this process works to figure out investments and deal with risks and find profits.

    By no means will I be exiting this investment, and I intend to continue with my convictions and decisions to be a long investor. I will do my usual research and analysis and evaluations of the company. I intend to be invested in it likely for a long time to come. I would recommend to those that have an interest to be long with this company, to do your continued own homework and evaluations by reading the various news sites and paying attention to the key news as it related to NSN.

    It is only my opinion, and take it for whatever you find of value, is that I do foresee this company being taken out by a larger enterprise, public company, or private, or even NSN. Even if that does not happen, the fact remains that this will be a hot sector for demand in microwave products for the next 4-5 years at least. The issue is who gains the business and makes the ultimate profits in this hot sector.

    In recent times, I had serious dialogue with Yahoo Customer Service and parties at Yahoo Censors. To make a long story short, they clearly stated that it was impossible for them to police the trolls, because they do not have enough manpower and their computer poster enrollment system cannot be calibrated to prevent new trolls from diving into the attack, such as like an ant colony being created by a queen ant. For anyone interested to know this, many trolls are created in minutes and then go on the attack, like an arcade game or a game created by Zynga. I had a very informative advisement by Yahoo that the best they could really do is "close" down a Board if it became completely overrun by an infestation of trolls. Yahoo suggested to just hit the ignore link. I consider that to be wasted time and obviously no protection. With the new trolls being cloned daily, their posts are going to be displayed and then time taken to knock them into ignore. It is my preference not to bother with that alternative that Yahoo offers. Additionally, I did not want to see Yahoo shut down this board which might have eventually happened.

    Many here knew how greedyone222 and his associate trolls destroyed the Ceragon Board. Logically, and predictably, it was very foreseeable that ultimately the trolls would overrun DragonWave. It was only a matter of time. I wanted everyone here to witness how treacherous and diabolical the trolls can be, dishonest and anti-American and malicious people. That was demonstrated by what happened here today, with of course greedyone222 standing by and watching and then finally appearing to mock and insult. Looking backwards, many of us did a great job in surviving against the overwhelming odds for so long, since after all Yahoo has forsaken and ceded the Boards to the trolls. The outcome would perhaps have been different if Yahoo had the interest and wherewith all to eliminate the trolls.

    As for the trolls, according to Yahoo, they do have reason to believe that "some" of the trolls are hire guns for usually shorts. That was generally known by me anyway, but I feel it it is worthwhile for people here to realize that the trolls have absolutely no knowledge of any important facts and details about a company, but just are instructed to do their damage for a fee. Some of the trolls do their damage for shear enjoyment and pleasure. You will need to be the judge of what the motive would be for the trolls that continue to plague this board.

    What Yahoo also explained, and I knew this to be true, is that the worse thing about trolls is that they hate to wind up not being able to talk to strangers and interact with them. Their objective is to figure out a way to actually converse and interact with ordinary people, so that they can begin their destructive tactics in an environment where there is really no effective policing and discipline. So, we know that many of these trolls today will be the ultimate losers when they go hunting and cannot win friends to kill off/

    Now as I depart, of course the trolls will scalp the dead calvary troops as in Custer's Last stand, or bayonet the survivors at Bataan, or slit throats of the wounded and dead as in Pork Chop hill. The trolls will act and behave like Al Qaada terrorists to do suicide bombings and kill the innocent, children and women with laugher and joy. I expect that of these trolls. and after all, that is the spoils of combat. Nevertheless, remember that the trolls are like the villains that hijacked the jets and crashed into those targets on 911. They are like the terrorists that killed the brave 4 Americans at Benghazi. That is the kind of mind and brain you are dealing with. So long and farewell and I wish all of you that love America and for what it stands for, to find prosperity and success with your investment endeavors.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • LOL!!!! Paul, remember this cat daddy.......too funny!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Thanks Jop, I'm gone also....what a shame!

    • greedyone222 Feb 21, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

      This is when it all started Jopo thank you so much for screwing up the forum........


    • greedyone222 Feb 1, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

      Change of heart Eh Jopo?


    • greedyone222 Jan 28, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

      Jopo, this letter was well thought out but pathetic at the same time. I tried to warn you but you had to find out on your own just like a child.... Maybe next time you will heed the warning!


    • It only took me about a minute to hit ignore or report abuse on 20 trolls. Now I am looking at a board with only DRWI friends and intelligent posters like: jopo; gdg4color; fuming; tdmiata; garth.4477; foxeelicious... Cmon folks, let's stick together and save the Alamo this time. Hey, it is fun putting trolls on ignore... it takes them down and gives me a pollution free DRWI board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agreed! I hit the ignore button on all the greedy or useless posters and the report abuse button on the abusive ones. It cleans the polution nicely off the board. Let's ALL agree to NEVER respond to any of the greedy or stupid posters. ANY of them that show up, let's delete them. If NO one talks to them maybe these shallow posters will just dry up and blow away :-)

    • Jopo, As you probably noticed I gave up on the board some time ago for the same reasons.... Unfortunate for those that actually care about the company and the telecom space because you certainly provide useful information, macro and company specific. I reached out to a subscription provider that I believe you also subscribe and asked them to pass on my contact info to you. I look forward to hearing from you and corresponding away from the board.
      I too plan to stay away, but as JF requested check in once in a while and possibly update if worthwhile.
      Stay long and strong.... 3 to 5 year play unless taken out.... either way longs win on this INVESTMENT.

    • Amazing.

      I am very saddened that a good guy, a class act, had to be run off any message board at Yahoo. What was happening here lately and now today was truly a wild bunch of creeps and bullies that have no soul nor morals. The behavior as posted here by them were like zombies.

      His message was symbolic that if out numbered, surrender or die, and he preferred to die.
      On the contrary, the trolls are in charge of the insane asylum. Let them have it as it is seriously their only existence and life.

      greedyone222 was the Judas, the infiltrator and coward that betrayed who he really was with his postings. None of this would happen if Yahoo had some basic way to control multiple personalties and despicable gangs of trolls.

      I am gone too and will not have any part of Yahoo, as it is not a safe place to post or to even come here to see the trash and smears.

      When greedyone222 comes here, may he be shunned, as he has finally been exposed as a liar, fake, cheat, corrupt, and a pitiful snake in the grass. Not one word he can write can be trusted any where at Yahoo.
      Good luck to you jop, TD, SA, garth, Tim and others I met here that are seeking a big payday win with a successful company and investment. I am with you all to wait it out and win.

    • jopo... please continue to post... but if you choose not to know that YOU have been appreciated by genuine investors like me. You have a true asset to true asset to this board. At least come back once in awhile with an opinion update. jf

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