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  • beekay425 beekay425 Feb 16, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    Cerent versus Dragonwave

    While this Board is ddled with Dragonwave shorts , I believe that both companies will share a piece of the market which is likely to grow albeit at a choppy pace.
    While Cerent management sounds cocky, Dragonwave sounds cautious. Neither company is making money right now. Why can't we have a more reasoned debate while ignoring the extreme longs and shorts.

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    • Anyone care to hear my opinion? I happen to know a thing or two about this company......Greedy,

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    • Benchmark performance between the two. It tells quite a story.

      Ceragon, Aviat and the others are not doing well but Dragonwave is at a whole different level from a financial perspective. DRWI generated $2.4 million in gross profit last quarter. They didn't cover any of their major expense categories. Just a terrible performance. CRNT literally had ten times the amount of margin and yet their market cap is roughly twice DRWI. Aviat had seven or eight times the margin but they spend so much on selling their product that it is hard to say gross margin should be comparable.

      Ceragon management should sound confident and Dragonwave management should do like Ron Johnson did at JCP. Just quit and let someone else try. Normally I add a caveat that had I been in charge it would have been worse and it isn't easy but with Dragonwave I would say that yea, pretty much anyone would have done better. Still, it isn't easy.

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      • You make it sound as though you're an expert in the microwave technology. The products sold by Aviat, Ceragon and DragonWave are NOT created equal. DragonWave's day in the sun is coming. That is the reason NSN chose DragonWave and NOT Ceragon. Samsung chose DragonWave to partner with and so did Cisco. You shorts can have you fun now, but once the next generation high density microwave backhaul products are woven into the small cells, you guys are TOAST. The only question is how brown do you wanna be? Enjoy for now.

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    • You are the voice of reason. But be prepared to be shot on sight by the shorts who have assumed control of this message board. The market potential for microwave backhaul will not begin in earnest until small cells are deployed in bulk. When that occurs, the revenues expressed in billions should lift all boats. If DRWI can practice proper expense management, it may have a chance. However, its management makes excuses for poor results, continues to project break-even results within a quarter or two (this has been going on for so many years that its humorous) and the Company cannot aggressively market its products, Any long or short of this stock must ultimately decide whether the problem with DRWI is internal or external. If once the small cell market has arrived and this group cannot execute, then they should be executed.

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