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  • painthufferone painthufferone Feb 18, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    Cohsgrad, here is my background and take on this POS company.........

    I started in the cellular industry working for a once well known company called Cingular wireless which swallowed up AA&T wireless and took the name....There went those roll-over minutes!!! This was about the time RIMM was aggressively pushing the black berry to the state, federal, and local government agencies. They were touted as the most secure and reliable in any situation.

    The one problem they had at this now AT&T wireless company was that between GA, NC, and SC they only owned the spectrum that had and still has very low penetration into building and especially pine needles which all three states are riddled with. So, in order to penetrate these big opportunities like Fort Brag, Fort Jackson, National Guard, Shaw air force base, Marine corps in Beaufort, etc....the list goes on and on btw. They had no choice but to beam up their penetration by co-locating on competing towers, building new ones, and installing a huge assortment of repeaters for interior transmission of the signal.

    This is where I came in..... I worked with the head of engineering for tower placement, signal strength, and installations on all federal military bases throughout SC and parts of N.C. I was to be on base and drive every mile of road taking measurements every mile and in some cases every 1/2 mile. I entered every building and every room in those buildings and took measurements for interior purposes. This information I was collecting was then turned over for evaluation to determine where the towers were to be placed, how many repeaters were needed and where etc..... This was an amazing learning experience. They knew that data was where the money was and they knew it long before even 3G was ever thought about. They also knew if thet were going to stay in the game this build out was necessary.

    From that point once we determined the locations for these installations I would then participate in spectrum studies so that we could prove / determine if our signal (RF) was going to inter

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    • Continued, interfere with any of their internal signals used for military communications and various radar for aircraft....These studies took up to one year in many cases in which time I learned so much about spectrum, it' s strength, it's ability to transmit and at what speeds, etc.

      So, to close, I am still friends with these people still in the business and yes I worked with, Ma, bell, Motorola, Nokia, just to name a few and we stay in contact to this day. All I will say is they tell me the time for major back haul is coming and to expect to see more build-out during the second half of 2014. They do not tell me who's equipment they are going to choose but they do tell me who is performing well in field tests. Enough said, I am heavily short this POS company and for good reasons.....I wish you well Consgrad!!!


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