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  • cjmaranto cjmaranto Oct 28, 2009 9:35 AM Flag

    This was an interesting move on the stocks first buy recommendation

    Any thoughts?

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    • Actually, not answering means I've moved on to other companies. Like I said, early on, (IMHO) there's no value floor under this one until their product development makes more progress. Not sure how that's considered a positive. It's enough to scare me off. Good luck with your D.D. It's hard work, but can be enjoyable.

    • Jig ... the times I have participated on due diligence teams, its always been about the undisclosed contingencies, risks, management/ governance problems, ... the possible quicksand in your purchase of a company, which is exactly what an investment in common stock is, albeit more liquid in jettisoning.

      You have listed all the positives, how about some of the negatives uncovered from your due diligence. What else other than the items discussed ad nauseum on this board did you find?

      Given what has hsppened, it makes the message board think you have an inside agenda.

      Not answering this post almost surely confirms the question.

    • Jigsta, here's a few facts below for 'do'ing your diligence, Just the facts Mamn, that useful to you, Ms. Jig ?

      BTW let us know when you decide its time to put your net worth at risk like so many of us did. That a deal?
      PC .. not a bully just interested in the fax.

      Day 1 12.7% loss

      Day 2 3.1% loss

      Day 3 0.5% loss

      Day 4 11.2% loss

      Day 5 no change

      Day 6 5.5% loss

      Day 7 2.1% loss

      Day 8 1.7% gain

      Day 9 1.1% loss

      Day 10 1.3% gain

      Day 11 no change

      Day 12 5.1% loss

      Day 13 1.9% loss

      Day 14 6.8% loss

      Day 15 5.0% loss

      Day 16 2.3% loss

      12 days = loss

      2 days = gain (< 2%)

      2 days = no change

    • Ha. I should have suggested that you do due diligence, or, if you prefer, doo doo diligence. Sorry to confuse.


    • What a whiner!!! All will be ok, Jiggy. what price does your "do" diligence tell you to become a shareholder? If you like the stock at $10 IPO price and your "do" diligence concludes that there is tremendous upside, then why haven't you been buying on the downslide? Or are you waiting for the "floor" so that you can fall right thru it??

    • I haven't seen the analysis behind the recommendation. However, the current trend of trading on thin volume and no news doesn't tell us much. The value of the company is in the products in development or clinical trials. If they fail, the company is essentially a washout. However, success on one or more fronts could deliver a nice return. The problem is that at this point there is no floor under the stock. Even cash value is not a floor because the company plans to spend that cash. For me the recommendation will be wrong if the products fail and right if they succeed before too much time and money go by. Price moves in the meantime don't change that.

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      • JigRoger - are you for real?!?!? "The current trend of trading on thin volume and no news doesn't tell us much." I'm guessing you are an insider given your surely you have an understanding of the role of the underwriters post-IPO. Two words - market stabilization. There were SIX underwriters on this deal...why are they not supporting the stock? Please provide specifics on what you believe to be the reasons this stock has traded down almost 50% since IPO a few weeks ago.

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