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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Mar 7, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    I tried to listen to...

    ...the Cowen presentation but kept getting interrupted by my laughing so hard I fell out of my part that really got to me was when he was talikng about oms302...

    ...let's see -- they've been "building all of the elements for passthough reimbursement and we'll keep you informed"??? other words they STILL don't know whether they can get third party reimbursers to pay for it?...HAW!!!...gee, they've only been working on this stuff for almost 20 YEARS but they STILL don't know whether they can even get paid for it?!!!...HAW!!!..."if we build it, they will come" -- but then again, they may not pay for it -- HAW!!!...

    ...then comes -- "our market anaysis to date has been very encouaging"???...then he points out the 15 million procedures worldwide per year!...I can't imagine how they managed to do all those procedures all these years WITHOUT OMER's witches' brew -- can you?...HAW!!!...not that it matters, of course, since they don't even know if they can get paid for the stuff!!!...HAW!!!..

    ...say what now -- "the key opinion leaders with whom we are working uniformly believe that the drug can become standard of use"???...uhhhh, do you want to share some names with us there, bud?...oh, it's a "secret" and if you told anyone, then you'd have to kill them?...HAW!!! ...I understand -- WINK, WINK!!!...HAW!!!...

    ...funny though, even though the guy says these so-called opinion leaders are "excited about the product" and even though these "opinion leaders" say it is a"platform upon which [OMER] can build additional life cycle products," I haven't seen ONE SINGLE SOLITARY ARTICLE by ANYONE exclaiming how OMER's witches' brew needs to be incorporated into lens replacement surgery! much for the "excitement" of ANONYMOUS "opinion leaders, huh?...HAW!!!
    ...oh, man!...I have to stop and go change my depends!...I'll try to listen to some more later the meantime, I'll just sum up by saying -- HAW, HAW, HAW!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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