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  • qradix qradix Mar 26, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    Omer is going down

    It has nothing to do with the Phase I results, actually in an ironic way, positive results are a negative because they're going to spend more money taking it to Phase II. The problem with Omeros is that they need funding before their products are ready and everyone knows it! Omeros is an idiot to use the market as an ATM - at the market stock selling for funding. They need to strike a partnership deal to secure cash so they can actually deliver on all their promises. Not only that, the shady slip of their FDA submission was sad. In their presentation they said they will submit by 1st half of 2013 vs their earlier comments of Q1.

    Too bad they don't have a real CFO that would understand these things and know how the street works. Maybe they will do something stupid and issue convertible debt which will give the new debt owners a free ride to short the #$%$ out of the stock further.

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    • OMER is really no different than any other clinical stage biotech struggling to get funding. You can take on debt, issue more shares or take on a partner. If you take a step back, their current $100 Million market cap siginificantly undervalues their pipeline potential, but is more indicative of mis-management. or bad execution, and The Street not trusting or believing the story here. Hopefully they can gain back credibility with more positive clinical progress and the share price will respond. At least I hope and pray.

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      • ...they ALREADY got 20 MILLION dollars in debt -- that maxed out their credit line, so forget that...they haven't found any partners in the TWENTY YEARS they've been working on their witches' brews so not much to offer there...they've been issuing shares like they were toilet paper -- which they basically are -- and have 60 MILLION dollars worth they can sell at ANY PRICE and at ANY TIME they want; not much more they can do on that front...about all that's left are PIPEs -- toxic convertibles and such -- and I wouldn't be surprised to see something along that line...

        ..."not trusting or believing the story here"????...after paying that wnistleblower 4 MILLION dollars in order to prevent OMER staff from testifying under oath???...why wouldn't anyone trust them?

        ...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

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    • ...HAW!!!...they had a REAL "CFO" but unfortuantely FIRED him when he tried to explain that their scam might land them in jail...that little screw-up eventually cost them 4 MILLION dollars to boot...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

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    • Totally agree. Cash position and burn leading to dilution is a real concern. However I would hope these positive results get a few interested partners knocking on their door. Today feels a little like a capitulation bottom, but won't know for a few days. I am down for the year thanks to OMER and ZIOP. *Sigh* Trying to determine if I should avg down on either. Nobody seems to care about Webush remarks today (see below).

      Wedbush today retreated an Outperform rating on Omeros Corp. (NASDAQ: OMER) with a price target of $20.00.

      Analyst Liana Moussatos said, "Omeros announced pipeline progress with successful completion of a multiple ascending dose Phase 1 study and an attractive emerging profile for OMS824. OMS824's emerging profile in Phase 1 suggests oral, once-daily dosing, which predictably reaches therapeutic levels in the brain and could be potent. We believe the clean Phase 1 results creates a strong foundation for testing efficacy in Phase 2 trials for Huntington's followed by schizophrenia, which we speculate could begin in H2 and provide results in H1 2014."

      Moussatos said early stage clinical data typically does not have a material impact on stock value, but the analyst thinks investors should closely monitor OMS824's clinical progress. Potential sales could reach $1 billion annually, noted the report.

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